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Trap Hero Brass Sample Pack: Grab This One ASAP

This sample pack is a must have!

I’ve always been a fan of well-planned, conceptual sound packs and with that said, I believe I’ve stumbled across a GEM: Trap Hero (Brass Edition), by LBandyMusic.

This sample pack has a lot to offer in terms of sound selection and quality. The loops are great, but even more, the one-shot samples are versatile, edited well, and easy to use.


Naming Structure Of Trap Hero Brass

Long names are great for descriptions but can be difficult to use and see (name-wise) within a sampler window. If you’ve ever used a hardware sampler, like an Akai Mpc 3000, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes, hardware samplers wouldn’t load the samples if the name characters were too long.

Sample Loops

The highlight title feature of the loops are key and bpm for ease of use within a daw and sampler. These labels also make sample management easy to conduct as well.

What Trap Hero Brass Edition Consists Of


  • 101 Melody Loops (Including 60 Brass Loops)
  • 55 Drum & Percussion Loops
  • 20 808 & Bass Loops
  • 14 FX & Other Loops


  • 48 Melody MIDIs
  • 14 808 & Bass MIDIs
  • 10 Drum MIDIs


  • 20 Snares & Claps
  • 27 Hats & Percussion
  • 17 808s & Kicks
  • 22 FX & Others
  • 29 Instruments

To ensure we provide the best value to producers, We exported and included all kinds of files used within the process, from WAV Loops, MIDI Patterns to WAV One-Shots.

Our Interview With Amine Adel AKA LBandy


We had the pleasure of picking the brain behind this amazing sound pack. Below, you’ll find insight, sample pack production tips, thought processing behind Trap Hero (Brass Edition), and what music production setup Amine Adel uses.

What’s the meaning of the brand Lbandy?

LBandy comes from the word “Bandit” (in English or French) and is used by Moroccans in an Arabized way, adding an “L” at the beginning and un-pronouncing the T at the end.

When my grandmother used to scold me, that’s the word she used so it became sort of a nickname for me.

How long have you been making music?

I started producing music in 2006 when I was 16, that makes it 15 years already.

What Does Your Music Production Setup Consist Of?

My current setup consists of:

Computer: MacBook Pro M1 Max
Audio Interface: Apollo Twin
Monitors: Yamaha HS speakers
Headphones: Audio Technica AtH50x headphones
Keyboard Controller: Arturia Keylab 61
Other Midi Controller: Maschine MK3
Hardware Synths: 1 Roland Jd-X and two Korg Volcas
Microphone: AKG C214 Mic

In addition to the Hardware, my craft is more focused on Software and Live instrument recording, so I own an extensive collection of VST Plugins and Libraries.

Trap Hero Brass Edition: What Was The Inspiration Behind It?

I was always a big fan of Brass Instruments, especially when they add an Epic/Heroic effect to Hip Hop Music. To mention some of my favorite examples where it was done successfully : (Kanye West “All Of The Lights’, Tory Lanez “Shooters”, Fat Joe “All The Way Up”, Desiigner “Outlet” …)

I thought this is a great angle that we need to see more of in the scene, so I wanted to provide producers with the tools to achieve that. This led to a bigger idea which consists of making it a Series “Trap Hero” with a focus on other instruments in each edition, the upcoming ones will be Woodwinds, Strings, and Guitars.

Do You Mind Letting Us In On a Bit of The Process?

The process starts by listing Moods that should be covered within the pack, along with different key BPMs that should be included.

After all, those are defined we start by making Drumloops that will inspire the energy for each Melody Loop, I collaborated with multiple Brass instrument players to come up with an authentic live sound experience. When Brass Loops were ready we moved to additional instruments that will accompany them.

To ensure we provide the best value to producers, We exported and included all kinds of files used within the process, from WAV Loops, and MIDI Patterns to WAV One-Shots.

What Are You Using For Your Brass sounds?

Most of the Brass sounds in this pack were recorded live, and to ensure more perfection, some layers were added using processed libraries from Kontakt or similar Plugins.

Trap Hero Bras: How Can music producers/beatmakers Get The Most From This Sample Pack?

First, they can use it as a Beat starter, to quickly get in the mood/energy when inspiration is not there or taking time to show up. Second, they can resample the elements provided in their own original way, and finally, definitely add the Wav One Shots to their library.

What The Sample Pack Sounds Like

For more information on Trap Hero, head over to ProducerSources

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