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Thenatan TAPE: The New Eye-Catchy Multi-fx Plugin

If you’re chasing that old-school nostalgic sound that’s sought after in Lo-Fi Music, Thenatan TAPE could be the answer. Said to emulate some of the greatest cassette players that ever existed! Use Tape to add character and analog styled fatness to VSTi instruments, live recordings, samples, and drum loops.

Thenatan TAPE is beneficial for bus processing as well, making sounds stick together with glue and cohesion.

From subtle analog fatness to Glitchy pitch flutters. Lush, fat, and crunchy, are all your lo-fi needs within seconds.

Thenatan TAPE: The Nostalgic of the Good Ol Days

Place the TAPE Plugin on your MIDI or AUDIO tracks and bring that instant chill, vintage stage, well-aged goodness factor, and warmth to any sound or mix. Drag in your own textures and tweak them to taste or browse through the wonder presets supplied within Thenatan TAPE. You’ll get that lovely imperfection in no time.

Grab This Tape Plugin

Hear and See Thenatan TAPE In Action

“Instant Tape & Lo-fi Effects”.

Thenatan TAPE:7 different effect units, including:

Noise: Drag and Drop your audio textures or use the 9 supplied textures with high and low pass filter options.
Space: Clean, Lush, and Bright Reverb with High and low pass filter controls.
Echo: Tempo Synced Delay + HP/LP Controls.
Glitch: Where the Gold is with TAPE! Robotic Time stretching and Repetition of Audio Signals.
Drive: Add lush warmth or unruly distortion to your mixes.
8-Bit: Classic 8-Bit emulation – Go from 1 bit to 64-bits per sample.
Drops: Authentic old-school tape drops sticking and catching up to create dope unique LoFi characteristics.

Realistic Emulation of Real-Life Cassette Players

  • I = Warm, Natural, and Noisy
  • II = Warm, More low end, a Little Dark.
  • III = Warm, Boomy Low end.
  • IV = Telephone Cassette Recorder.
  • V = Walkman Player, With A Little Boost on Lows.
  • VI = Radio Recorded Through Walkman.

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Top Thenatan TAPE Plugin Features:

6 Tape Settings: unique cassette settings each with their own tones and characteristics.
Hiss: hiss or low-fidelity hardware emulation
Built-in Effects: Noise, Reverb, Delay, Glitch Machine, Bit Crusher, Saturation, Stereo Widener, Dropouts
Vector GUI: All coding, no PNG = more flexible and quality
Resizable UI: (up to 200%, Sharp and Smooth).
Presets: 70 factory Presets & Shareable Patches.
And More…

More information on TAPE // Visit ProducerSpot

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