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TASCAM Tape Collection: Another Great Addition To T-RackS

IK Multimedia is pulling out all the stops, yet again. They’re still in the midst of their GROUP BUY and drop this lovely bomb on us 4 Classic Tape Machine Emulations (TASCAM Tape Collection) in light of TASCAM’s 50th Anniversary.


For many producers, the sense of warmth, depth, and a huge analog sound is missing from their In The Box (ITB) Productions. To remedy this lack of analog fullness music producers and mixing engineers seek out Tape Machines to incorporate into their setups.

The problem with Reel Tape Machines (pun intended) is they can be expensive and require quite a bit of maintenance to keep them in good working condition.

If you like to keep your production setup light and work ITB while getting a rich sound then software emulations are for you. For this reason, we’re happy IK Multimedia and TASCAM have collaborated to bring us 4 amazing TASCAM Tape Recorders.

TASCAM Tape Collection: What You’re Getting

4 Tape Machines utilizing the same physical modeling and dynamic convolution as their original award-winning Tape Machine Collection. The new TASCAM Tape Collection gives users the familiar analog warmth and character of 4 sought-after tape recording devices from across Tascam history.

TEAC A-6100 MKII: Ideal for adding tape, warmth, and color to your master bus and more.

IK Multimedia T-RackS__module_teac_a6100
TEAC A-3340S: First mass-produced Porto Studio with simul sync. Used by many iconic music creators including the Brian Eno and the Doobie Brothers.

IK Multimedia T-RackS__module_teac_a3340s
TASCAM 388: Warm evocative sound. It was very attractive because was right in front of you, the ITB respectively in its time.

IK Multimedia T-RackS__module_tascam_porta_one
TASCAM PORTA ONE MINISTUDIO: LOFI Beat Makers might just fall in love with this Porta One.  It’s excellent for Lofi Sounds and experimenting. 2 Tape Cassett Formulations, EQ…it’s a beast.

IK Multimedia T-RackS__module_tascam_388

Each Tascam Tape Machine module offers controls such as

  • Input and output levels
  • Selectable input and reproduction audio paths
  • carefully chosen selection of recommended and classic tape formulations
  • Flexible Recording Bias Levels
  • EQs

In addition, IK’s modeling team has included two popular features from their popular Tape Machine Collection

Transport modeling: Accurately models small inaccuracies of the tape positioned in front of the head for incredible lifelike performance

True Stereo Operation: provides a perfect recreation of the stereo image effect produced by the small and subtle differences between the left/right channels on an analog machine.

T-RackS TASCAM Tape Recorder Video Overview

Tascam Tape Collection Availability & Pricing

Collection Price: Available with an introductory price of $129 USD (Collection Price)

Individual Price: $79,99 USD each

Compatibility: VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugins on macOS/Windows.


Excited is an understatement. IK multimedia keeps surprising me with each release I really hope to see these in the MixBox in the near future. We do need a little love over there…please.

For more information head over to IK Multimedia Be sure to check out the GROUP BUY. IK is currently offering  24 to 1!

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