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Syntronik 2 Group Buy: Lots Of Free Plugins!

Buy Syntronik 2 Synth to get 32 more FREE!

Syntronik 2 Group Buy! IK Multimedia launches another Group Buy! If you haven’t participated in one of these before now’s your chance to get in on the action, especially if you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal with Brand New Sounds.

Syntronik 2 Group Buy Link: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/syntronik2gb/ (33 for the price of 1)

What You Get!

33 Free Synths for the price of one. That’s well over 3000 presets! More than enough to keep you busy making music for years to come.

New Group Buy Announcement

Old IK Multimedia Instagram Post

All you have to do is make a qualifying purchase through the link below, and register your purchase.

Syntronik 2 Group Buy Link: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/syntronik2gb/

IK Multimedia will grant access to all synths/extras once you make your purchase. Make sure you have enough hard drive space!!! Oh, and you can also use your Jam Points!

Syntronik 2 Group Buy Video Walk Through

Syntronik 2 Synths On My List

  • KW-8000
  • Syner-V
  • CATO


An emulation of Korg’s DW-8000. The Korg synth was unique in design as it was knobless. Some say it was Korg’s answer to Yamaha’s DX7 (maybe). The sound of the DW-8000 was nice and rich, probably the most analog-sounding synth in its class at the time.


Synergy was an 8 voice (depending on preset) additive synthesizer that made its debut in the early 80s. Less than 1000 units were created before the manufacturer shut down. One feature that made Synergy unique was its ability to play 4 preset patches simultaneously. The 2nd interaction of the synth was better but was outclassed by the DX7 despite having a similar glassy sound.


Cato is an emulation of Octave Cat, a two-oscillator monophonic/Duophonic synth that was sort of a cross between the Mini Moog and the Arp Oddessey. There were three models created; the Original Cat and two Series Revised Models SRM1 and SRMII. Although Cat had only two oscillators, it also had a sub-oscillator per oscillator which added weight and warmth to the synth.

There are a few more, but these caught my attention immediately.

For more information head over to IK Multimedia

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