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Steinberg Backbone – New Drum Re-Synthesizer Plugin For Your Drums

"A revolutionary way to design your own drums"

Steinberg Backbone Drum Synthesizer Plugin

It’s been a while since Steinberg launched a new drum synth. With the Backbone, the VST3, AU, and AAX-compatible plug-in doesn’t just fire drum samples but resynthesizes them. The heart of Backbone is the re-synthesizer engine, which can be used to transform sounds into synthetic variants of themselves using spectral dimensions.

“Backbone lets you create and manipulate drum sounds in unprecedented ways. You can feed the Drum Re-synthesizer with your own recordings and combine them with any kind of drum sample. It is such a powerful tool for those who like to get creative and want to develop their own signature drum sound. Personally, I have never had so much fun in crafting sounds as with Backbone.” – Florian Haack – Senior Marketing Manager

Steinberg Backbone Drum Synthesizer

Samples are analyzed and can be re-calculated at any speed and pitch, up to 800 times faster, slower, or even frozen at the current position. On the basis of up to eight layered samples, tonal or atonal elements can be processed separately and complete layers can be re-synthesized. There is also a large arsenal of synthesis, filtering, and effects elements.

Another powerful tool of the Backbone includes the possibility of decomposing audio files. Users are thus able to split sounds into their tonal and noisy components and process each area individually using re-synthesis and subtractive synthesis. The modified sounds can be exported quickly at any time.

Backbone is now available as a VST3, AU, and AAX plug-in for 149 euros from Steinberg.

More information //  Steinberg Backbone

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