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Soundation DAW Allow Real-Time Collaboration Between Users

Online cloud DAW - Make songs directly in your browser

Soundation Online Cloud DAW

Soundation is an online DAW in the cloud that allows you to work with audio and MIDI directly from the browser, with a timeline and instruments as in a conventional digital audio workstation.

Since its launch, the platform has evolved with interesting functions, however, they have just announced the incorporation of an important feature that allows collaboration of several users in real-time, similar to what happens with services such as Google Docs, offering the possibility of working with Virtually multiple hands and know what each person is doing at the moment.

Collab Live, as they have called the function in question, allows you to invite another Soundation Studio user anywhere in the world to join your project, being able to participate in real-time, in total synchrony between the open instances, thus being able to share audio-recorded and imported on the fly. You can also see other users online with tracking their movements.

Without a doubt, a significant improvement for this promising project, also very on time with the current situation, where many of us will be looking for new ways to collaborate virtually in musical and sound projects.

Soundation can be used for free, with a limit of 10 projects, access to hundreds of loops, and the possibility to export to MP3. It can also be expanded through a monthly subscription with various plans between 1.99 Euros and 6.99 Euros, adding more features such as parameter automation, export to WAV, and thousands of other new loops and sounds.

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