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Reason Studios Now Supports VST3 Support (New Update)

Its About Damn Time

Reason Studios Supports VST3 as of December 2022…Finally!

When Reason Studios, the renowned music software company, announced the release of Reason version 12.5, there was a huge sigh of relief.

Reason Studios Supports VST3

It was a crucial update for Reason users!

What’s New in Reason 12?

Reason 12.5 introduced several new features, including VST3 support, which Reason heads have been begging for, for years.

With the addition of VST3 support, Reason continues to position itself as a powerful and versatile music production tool, providing musicians and producers with the tools they need to create high-quality music.

What’s The Big Deal About Reason Studios Supporting VST3?

VST3 is important because it offers a combination of advanced features, improved performance, and compatibility for music producers, sound designers, and audio engineers.

It offers a significant advantage, enabling audio and MIDI data to pass through a plugin. Unlike the old VST standard, which only allowed MIDI signals, the VST3 implementation allows any audio signal to be sent to your plugin.

This opens up new possibilities for everyone, providing greater flexibility and control in music production.

  1. Improved performance and stability: VST3 plugins are designed to be more efficient and stable than earlier plugin formats, with features like multi-core processing and better memory management.
  2. Advanced features: Sidechain support, sample-accurate automation, and improved MIDI handling, which allows more precise audio processing.
  3. System Resources: VST3 plugins consume fewer CPU resources.
  4. Inputs/Outputs: VST plugins were limited in handling audio inputs and outputs, requiring separate versions for stereo. But with VST3, any channel configuration is possible, making it more efficient and adaptable.
  5. MIDI/Audio: VST3 plugins allow passing both MIDI and audio data through them, unlike the old VST standard, which only allows MIDI.

Lastly, we have compatibility. Reason users faced limitations as they were unable to use updated VST3 plugins or those offered solely in VST3 format. This issue arises frequently during system upgrades, where newer installs don’t work with older OS and vice versa.

Reason Studios VST3 Support: Yea, It Came With Some Issues

Just a snag or so. One of those being duplicated plugins, both VST and VST3 versions. This is okay, but it can look very, very messy when you’re going through your list.

Reason Studios VST3 Support Organization

Reason Studios Addressed This Issue In Reason 12.5.2


Reason Studios Supports VST3 Organized Tabs

The 12.5.2 update provided organizational tabs for VST(2), VST3, and Reason Extensions (RE), as well as a tab that lists your duplicate plugins.

Is It Worth Upgrading 12 Now That Reason Studios Supports VST3?

Yes, the latest VST3 support update to Reason software makes it even more powerful. So if you’re still sitting on Reason 11 or any version lower than that and have VST3 plugins you want to use in Reason, then yes it’s worth the update.

Here are some other reasons (no pun intended) Reason Studios is worth upgrading.

For more information on Reason Studios, head over to their website.

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