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Reason Studios 12 Set To Be Released in September 2021…

What is Reason Studios?

Reason Studios, formally known as Propellerheads Reason is a very unique DAW mimicking the look, feel, and workflow of an analog music production setup. It has everything from the modular rack units to the cables dangling behind them.

Reason Studios comes with everything you need to make amazing music.

  • Drum machines
  • Samplers
  • Synthesizers
  • EQs
  • Compressors
  • Delays
  • Loop Players
  • Auto Tune
  • Instruments
  • SSL Mixer (with EQ/Compressors) emulation

Reason Studios Instruments & FX Devices

Reason Studios_Instrument DevicesReason Studios_FX Devices













And it ships with over 2,9000 sounds (and growing)!

If that isn’t enough, you can step outside the box as Reason Studio supports third-party VSTs (plugins/instruments) and they have a store where you can purchase Reason Studio Expansions.

Reason Expansions are plugins made specifically for the Reason architecture and only work natively unless you use their newest groundbreaking ‘Reason Rack’.

The Reason Rack plugin turns Reason into a typical plugin that can be loaded into any daw that supports the following formats: VST3, AU, and AAX. There is no VST/VST2 support.

What this means is all of Reason’s Production Tools (stock or not) can now be loaded and used within ANY DAW via the Reason Rack (Plugin).

What Will Reason 12’s Updates Consist Of?

The new Reason 12 version should appear on September 1st. Among maintenance improvements, Reason 12 will offer a high-resolution interface, a new sampler Mimic, and a completely redesigned Combinator.

Reason users have always complained about Reason’s GUI. The lack of scalability is a huge problem for music producers and composers who use 4k monitors.

This isn’t just a problem with the Reason (natively), but also for those using the plugin version. In other DAWS; Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, etc users can freely scale (zoom in) their plugins to fit their workspace (on-screen).

With Reason, you’re squinting (so annoying). The fact they’ve dedicated time to remedy this issue is good. It should have been done prior to the release of the Rack Plugin, but it’s better late than never.

There’s More

Aside from Rack, GUI enhancements, and incorporating many requests from its user base, Reason 12 is adding a new sampler and completely upgrading the Combinator.

Not much has leaked about the new Combinator, it’s supposed to present the ability to integrate custom graphics and modularity making it easier to create your own custom unit(s).

This seems vague because you can already build your own custom units and add custom graphics. We’ll have to see what they bring to the table.

When Will Reason 12 Be Available?

According to Reason Studios, Reason 12 will be available on September 1st, 2021. Reason 12 will be $130 for existing Reason Studio owners, $400 for new users, and free current Reason Plus Subscribers.

Reason Plus Subscription users will get early access to new features in Reason 12 as a bonus for being a subscriber.

How Much Is Reason Plus?

Reason Plus is $19.99 a month or $199 per year at the time of this writing, but is currently on sale now, $3 for 3 months of access. The discount ends August 31, 2021.

There is a possibility that Reason 12 will also be a free upgrade for current Reason 11 users ← We’ll update the ‘how to’ on this as the information comes down the pipeline.

What are you hoping to see in Reason 12?

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