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PSP Saturator: PSP AudioWare’s New Saturation Plugin

Add a little Heat to your Mix!


If you’re looking to add some Mojo to your mixes, take a look into PSP Audioware’s new Saturator!

What Is PSP Saturator?

PSP Saturator is MixSaturator 5.0 incorporating modern standards and things we’ve learned and polished in the last few decades of plug-in development. With that said every algorithm in PSP Saturator is redesigned or written completely from scratch.

The PSP Saturator Plugin emulates analog tape recorders to add warmth to your audio signal. Adding warmth to your music stops it from sounding sterile and cold.

Warmth is achieved by adding harmonics to your audio signal. Keep in mind, not all harmonics are the same. Some harmonics are used for increasing the perceived loudness of a sound while others are used for adding warmth.

Benefits Of Odd & Even Harmonics

  • Even harmonics: Responsible for the warm analog sound people have grown to love
  • Odd harmonics: Delivers a more edgy, harsh, or sound with bite-like character.

The Saturator offers eight different shape modes for flexibility from subtle ‘mix mojo’ to outright destruction. Put Saturator on your Master Chain and let the saturator work its magic.

Why Completely Rewrite The Algorithm?

This was a lot of work but allowed us to properly address some of the original Saturator’s weaknesses and improve them as well as adopt support for

  • Retina screens
  • Scalable interfaces
  • Introduce oversampling support up to 384Mhz for the most pristine sonic quality available!

With changes comes compromise and we realized that keeping backward compatibility was no longer possible due to the range of changes to virtually every aspect of the plugin and the number of new parameters to add even more detailed control that wasn’t possible before.

With the support of top mixing engineers and producers, we meticulously refined each algorithm to win the hearts (and more importantly, ears) of some of the most discerning and demanding users in the industry.

PSP Audioware On IG

What Happens To MixSaturator?

It’s bittersweet, but unfortunately, MixSaturator has to be retired. Going forward, it will be considered a legacy product with no further support, its legacy living on in this new release.

PSP Saturator Features

  • 8 different saturation shapes for a variety of tonal flavors
  • Three signal sculpting engines (low, high, overall saturation)
  • Adjustable Low and High band processing engines for adequate, band-related warming effects
  • Parallel mix option, with internal intelligent phase alignment
  • Multiple metering modes for signal analysis
  • Additional control panel for fine-tuning of various saturation parameters and smoothing
  • 3 output modes (off, sat, lim) for shaping the final output stage
  • Input and Output gain controls with an optional relative link
  • FAT quad-sampling for pristine saturation quality
  • Low internal latency (6 samples)
  • 200 presets designed by respected engineers and producers
  • Extensive oversampling, and the most pristine saturation available today

PSP Saturator Video Walkthrough

Intro Pricing For PSP Saturator

PSP Audioware is offering a big discount to current owners of their MixPack Bundle (70% off). If you’re not a MixPack owner, the intro price is $69. This intro price is only good until November 14th, 2021. So make sure you take advantage of the discount before then.


The new PSP Saturator implements the latest and greatest in terms of both DSP and support for modern systems with compatibility for

  • Windows 11
  • Mac OS Silicon
  • 64-bit AAX, VST3, VST, and AU formats.

Not sure if there is a 32-bit version sorry

“If we’ve learned one thing in the last 20 years, it’s The Sound That Counts!” – Psp Audioware

Find more info about PSP Audioware and their plugins here. Also, be sure to check out our PSP Audio Interview.

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