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Plug & Mix: 50 Quality Mixing Plugins – EQs, Compressors, Amps, Reverb and More

Plug & Mix is giving you 50 Mixing Plugins for $49.00.

Just like carpenters need good reliable tools they can trust, music producers and sound engineers need good plugins to help polish their mixes and make them stand out and pop.

Here’s why you need this Plug & Mix V.I.P Bundle.

Plug & Mix V.I.P Bundle



Must Have Mixing Plugins From Plug & Mix’s V.I.P. Bundle: Make Your Mixes Sound Less Digital and More Professional


Plug & Mix VIP Bundle Deal 50 Mixing Plugins


1. P&M Analoger: Adds warmth and depth to your tracks, emulating the sound of vintage tape and tube.

2. Digital Reverb: Create space in your mix with this high-quality reverb plugin. It’s perfect for adding a sense of depth and dimension to your tracks.

3. P&M Phaser: Dial in a classic phaser effect with ease. This plugin is perfect for adding movement and interest to guitar tracks, synths, and more.

4. Retro Compressor: This plugin offers the classic, warm sound of vintage analog compressors. Great for adding punch and character to your tracks.

5. Brightness: This plugin is ideal for adding sparkle, shine, and clarity to your mixes.

6. Echoflex: Emulates the sound of classic tape echo units. It’s perfect for adding depth and space to your tracks.

7. Screamer: Add some grit, edge, and distortion to your tracks with this plugin. Use it on guitars, basses, drum buses, etc.

8. Vibrator: Classic vibrato effect, perfect for adding a vintage vibe to your tracks.

9. Vinylizer: Add warmth and the vintage sound of vinyl records to your tracks with this plugin.

10. Vowel Comb: Allows you to add vowel overtones to any source material, making your rhythms come alive and your guitars speak. It’s a talking comb filter like no other.

Here’s The Full List Of Plug & Mix Tools You Get


AmbiosoniqAmerican TweedAnaloger
BasspegBrightnessBritish Tone
California ToneChorus EnsembleClarisonix
Classic FlangerClassic PhaserCool-vibe
DegradiatorDeluxe TiltDigital Plate
Digital ReverbDimension 3DDistorted
EchoflexElectro OpticalElectro Q Tone
GatevadorGranulizerLiquid Air Q
Lo-FiLoudbassLs Rotator
Magic QueenMonster BoostMoogy Filter
Multi-Tap DelayOb La WahOctaplexer
Pitch MePsycho RingRetro Compressor
Retro EqualizerRetro FilterRetro Limiter
Talking ToneToneStackTranscontrol
Tremolo PanUltramaxitVibrator
VinylizerVowel Comb


Plug and Mix’s V.I.P. Bundle Is A Collection of Plugins That Stand Out, Here’s Why:


1. Ease Of Installation: The installation process is straightforward and hassle-free

2. Simple G.U.I.: The plugins feature fantastic, intuitive interfaces that make them easy to use

3. Quality: The plugins are powered by high-quality algorithms that deliver great sound quality

4. Presets: The plugins have a range of useful presets to get you started

5. No Manual Needed: The plugins are so intuitive that you won’t need to read a manual

6. Multiple Authorizations: You can authorize the plugins on up to 3 computers

7. No Annoying Protection Devices: No need for an iLok or other annoying protection devices

8. Responsive Developers: The developers are responsive and attentive to user feedback, often updating and adding features based on user suggestions

9. Incredible Value: $49.99 for 50 plugins, there’s no better price point out there right now. Nothing compares.

10. Free Updates and Additions: You pay once, and you’re in the club! All future updates and additions are free for registered users.

In short, the V.I.P. Bundle from Plug and Mix offers a combination of quality, ease of use, and value that’s hard to beat.


Plug and Mix V.I.P Vocal Mix


Plug and Mix Compatibility

The Plug and Mix V.I.P. Bundle is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, and it supports a variety of plugin formats. Here are the specific system requirements and compatibilities:

Mac Compatibility:

  • OS: macOS 10.9 or above
  • CPU: Intel 64 bit, runs on Apple Silicon with Rosetta
  • Software: 64 bit AU / VST2 compatible host or Pro Tools 11 or above

Windows Compatibility:

  • OS: Windows 7 or above, 64 bit
  • CPU: Intel/AMD 64 bit
  • Software: 64 bit VST2 compatible host or Pro Tools 11 or above

You can authorize the Plug & Mix V.I.P Bundle with up to 3 computers.



The Plug & Mix VIP Bundle is an incredible collection of 50 impressive mixing plugins. The Bundle offers all the tools you need for amazing sound, covering everything from EQ to modulation.

Each plugin provides unique features and parameters for precise and creative sound shaping.

As a VIP customer, you’ll also receive free updates and new plugins. Take advantage of this exclusive deal – get the VIP Bundle for only $49 (80% off) before it’s gone!


Plug & Mix V.I.P Bundle

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