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NoiseAsh NEED Preamps: Level Up Your Music

NoiseAsh is a company that has gained a reputation for creating plugins with the warmth and analog sound of vintage gear. They have created a bundle of preamps, called NEED Preamps, that emulate some of the most sought-after British-style consoles.

NEED Preamps and EQ

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4 NEED Preamps: Quick Overview

These preamps have been expertly captured, modeled with extreme accuracy, and crafted to sculpt your sound like never before.



NoiseAsh’s NEED 73 is an emulation of the legendary Neve 1073 preamp and equalizer. It offers the same classic EQ and preamp features as the original, including high-pass and low-pass filters, a switchable high shelf, and low-shelf EQ.

The Class-A transistor preamp and eq combination make the audio sources feel alive using unparalleled sheen, clarity, and unique analog saturation with anti-aliasing tonal quality.


NEED 81 is a special British-style Class-AB preamp/eq unit used on countless classic platinum-selling albums. It is designed to bring warmth, clarity, and character to your digital audio workstation.

It offers a Class-AB Mic and Line Preamp model with an output gain compensator (Drive Mode) that provides unparalleled warmness, boldness, clarity, and unique analog saturation with anti-aliasing tonal quality.


NEED 84 is the enhanced version of its big brother, “NEED 73.” It comes with a switchable high band frequency, wide/narrow Q settings, modified filters, and a slightly different preamp.

This unit is known for its sweet musical tone that doesn’t sound muddy or harsh, even in extreme settings.

NEED 31102

NEED 31102 is the most accurate circuit emulation of the classic British console preamp-equalizer unit, with powerful M/S processing.

It features a Class-A Mic Preamp model with an output gain compensator (Drive Mode). It also provides unmatched warmness, boldness, clarity, and unique analog saturation with anti-aliasing tonal quality.


NEED Preamps are designed to bring vintage gear’s warmth, character, and analog sound to your digital audio workstation. These preamps are perfect for music producers who want to achieve a professional and polished sound.

With the four preamps included in this bundle, you’ll have access to the most desired British-style Class-A and Class-AB preamps and equalizers.

The accuracy of these emulations is simply stunning, and they’re so CPU efficient that you can easily use them as multiple instances, sounding just like outstanding legendary records.

So if you want to take your music production to the next level, NEED Preamps are an excellent choice.

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