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Slate Digital Releases New Transient Shaper: Great Addition To The VMR Rack!

Transient Shaper – That’s right, Slate Digital has its own now!

Slate Digital, a renowned name in the audio industry known for its quality plugins, brings to the table its own version of a transient designer called the Transient Shaper.

This plugin stands out in front of most due to its features and 500 series rack look.

Slate Digital Transient Shaper 500 series rack Plugin

Who Would Be Interested In Slate Digital’s Transient Shaper?

Music producers and mixing engineers working with trashy sounding drums. Or those who want to add more impact to their drum sounds.

When the drums don’t cut through the mix, it can lead to a flat, boring, lackluster sounding beat.

Transient designers are invaluable for shaping the dynamics of drums, guitars, and other instruments in a mix.

Mastering engineers can use them to add clarity and punch to a final mix. Sound designers and Foley artists can employ transient designers to create impactful sound effects for films and games.

Even podcasters and voice-over artists can benefit from transient designers adding presence and clarity to spoken words.

Common Music Producer Problems: Mixing, Dynamics, Drums That Smack, Transients & More

1. Drums Lacking Punch and Clarity

One common problem that music producers often face is that their drums need more punch and clarity. This can be due to various factors, such as poor sound selection, recording techniques, or improper mixing.

Fixing Weak Sound Drums: Increase the transient processing by turning the transient knob clockwise or up. This increases the level of the attack of the drums. This will help push them forward.

2. Muddy Mixes

Sometimes, the elements in a mix can blend together too much, causing a muddy or unclear sound.

How To Fix This?: Transient shapers can help by allowing you to shape the attack of individual elements, making them more distinct and improving the overall clarity of the mix.

3. Clashing Transients

On the flip side, sometimes elements in a mix can have too aggressive or sharp transients. When these transients are stacked on top of one another, they can wreck a mix easily.

How To Fix It?: Transient shapers are also used to soften these transients, creating a smoother and more pleasing sound.

4. Lack of Dynamic Range

A mix that lacks dynamic range can sound flat and lifeless.

Fix This By?: Using a transient shaper to control and shape the attack and sustain of sounds can create a greater sense of dynamics and movement in your mix, leading to a more engaging and professional sound.


Slate Digital Transient Shaper: Key Features Explained

1. Transient

Controls the attack level by adjusting the transient knob. With it, you can accentuate or soften the initial hit of a sound, making it punchier or smoother.


2. Warmth

Adds harmonic saturation, which adds a bit of analog character and richness, especially to drums and percussive elements.

3. Focus

Use it for side chaining or narrowing the frequency range you wish to process. This is important as sometimes it’s a specific frequency you want to tame or adjust vs the entire sound spectrum.

4. Sustain

Affects the decay or trail of the sound. This is useful for tightening up a sound by reducing its sustain or making it ring out longer.

5. Time

Control exactly how much of the transient is being processed. This allows for greater precision over the transient processing. Until now, this was only a feature I’ve seen in transient designers made by MeldaProduction.

6. Listen

The Listen button lets you hear how the sustain and attack are being affected. Similar to a delta setting on an EQ or Compressor.

7. Makeup Gain

Adjusts the overall output level of the processed signal. Excellent or gain staging.

8. Mix Control

The mix knob on Slate’s Transient Shaper is similar to parallel processing allowing you to dial in a mix of the processed and unprocessed sound (dry/wet), finding the perfect balance between the two.

Slate Digital Transient Shaper: A Quick Walkthrough Of Slate’s New Drum Processing Plugin

Slate Digital Transient Shaper Pricing & Compatibility

Slate Digital’s Transient Shaper cost $149.00 for a perpetual license. You can also gain access through the Slate Digital All Access Pass, which costs $14.99/month or $149.99/year. You can also purchase a

The subscription gives you access to the Transient Shaper and an extensive collection of other plugins such as; FG-73 ‘PRE AMP’, FG-STRESS, FG-BOMBER, ANA 2, The Kilohearts collection, and more.

Transient Shaper Plugin Compatibility

Plugin Formats: VST, AU, and AAX
Compatible DAWs: Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Fl Studio, Reason Studios, Reaper, and many others
Operating Systems: Windows and Mac

Slate’s Transient Shaper: This Is A Great Investment

So, if you’re looking for more control over your drum/percussion dynamics or music overall, consider using a transient designer. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this specific one – choose the one that suits your budget.

However, it’s worth noting that Slate offers unique features that set it apart from others in the market. Keep this in mind as you make your decision. For further details on Slate Digital’s Transient Shaper, visit their website.

For more information on Slate Digitals Transient Shaper, visit Slate’s Website.

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