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New Free DAW Announced by Behringer

Behringer DAW?! And Free?

Behringer Free DAW

Behringer officially announced in March 2020 on their Facebook page that a new DAW is in work, which they themselves define as “a massive project, which will take at least 18 months.” To achieve this, they have put together a whole new development team.

The DAW, which will be free, will include samples and VST plugins, as well as “connections with third-party VSTs”. Behringer’s purpose is “to include the best functionality available, including multiple user interfaces for both recording and DJing.” This is all that is known for now.

Launching a DAW in all its complexity is not easy these days. We will see how it can challenge the classics of the genre (Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio, and others); From the outset, the trick of gratuity cannot be overlooked. And its diffusion is guaranteed by Behringer’s own resonance, which in addition, will probably include the new software as part of its products as standard, bestsellers in many cases.

Another thing is that the current users of other DAWs decide to change tools; This will depend, among other things, on the quality of the final result and its ease of integration with the most common workflows.

In any case, we have a new open front with Behringer, and again, it’s one of the fat ones; We will pay due attention to it in the coming months.

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