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Murda Melodies: Murda Beatz Plugin | Slate Digital Expanding

I guess 2 Clicks Was Too Much


GRAMMY Award-winning producer Murda Beatz and Slate Digital team up and release The Murda Melodies Plugin. At first glance, I thought this was a Cymatics release, just by the way it looked, some of the functionality and it’s coming off the heels of Cymatics plugin called Pluto. That could be a reach.

The plugin looks nice.

What Is Murda Melodies

Murda Melodies is an all in one, multi-FX processing plugin that breaths life into your music that makes tracks. Check out these controls:

  • Dimension: adds space and boosts signal
  • Motion: adds dynamic rhythmic modulation
  • Ice: Beautiful shimmery reverb tail
  • Heat: Pushes nice warmth and saturation
  • Ensemble: Thickens sound with modulation
  • Clarity: Enhances edge in the upper frequencies
  • Rhythm: BPM synced Delay (8th note)
  • Reverse: Add BPM synced Reverse Signal (8th note)
  • Lowpass Filters
  • Highpass Filters
  • Pitch Shifter (4 Octave)

Topped off with 50 custom presets crafted by Murda Beatz & Slate Digital. Also, keep in mind, Slate is known for adding new presets to the plugins in their Access Package. So the preset bank for this plugin could wind up being massive.

Murda Melodies Plugin

Your listeners are going to lose it when they hear the incredible effects you start cooking up with Murda Melodies – Slate Digital

Who Is The Murda Melodies Plugin For

Essentially anyone looking for a multiple fx plugin, but given the state of hip-hop right now, I can see this plugin getting the attention of many Pop and Hip-Hop/Trap Producers.

  • Trap
  • EDM
  • Pop
  • Glitch
  • Etc

Especially given who the producer is what type of crowd he draws in the music production community.

See The Plugin In Action

Murda Beatz cooking up, giving us a tour of how the Murda Melodies works and where everything is. It’s always nice when the creator of the plugin can sit down and walk you through how their plugin works musically.

Grab Murda’s New Plugin

Murda Melodies is the newest plugin added to the All Access Pass, which includes over 70 epic plugins including

  • Virtual Mix Rack
  • MetaTune
  • Virtual Tape Machines
  • FG-X
  • FG-2A Compressor
  • 1000s of royalty-free samples
  • ANA 2 Ultra Bundle (lots of new sounds, presets, and packs updated regularly)
  • Mix templates, and over
  • 100+ walkthrough video tutorials covering everything from music production to mixing.

Every time Slate Releases a new plugin, Access members get it immediately.

And this all starts at just $9.99 a month.

Check out Murda Melodies & see why producers call the All Access Pass the best deal in pro audio

The Downside Of Murda Melodies

This may or may not be a huge turn-off for you but as with all Slate Digital Plugins, you will need ILOK.

Dead over to Slate Digital for more information

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