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MTurboEQ: Best Vintage EQ Windows and Mac Compatible and Low Priced

Right now, MTurboEQ is on sale for $33.00. This is a great price point for this plugin, a steal, actually.

MTurboEQ Vintage Styled EQ By MeldaProduction

You Can Download MTurboEQ Here


Why Use MTurboEQ Over My Stock EQ?

What makes Melda’s Vintage EQ unique is that it offers multiple EQs in 1 plugin. It’s sort of like a multi effects plugin, but centered around vintage EQ emulations.

This makes it so the user doesn’t need to flip between different plugins to gain access to different EQ curves. That’s the idea anyway, and it serves well in most cases.

Who Would Want To Use This Vintage EQ?

Novices: New engineers and music producers will be attracted to the price cut and access to multiple vintage emulation solutions, even if they still need to learn what they’re doing or how powerful the options are.

It’s likely something that will grow on them later on down the line as they progress in their craft.

Professionals: Seasoned professionals will enjoy the convenience and speed of the all in one solution, especially when you’re working on a deadline, or their workflow requires speed.

This is not to say that faster is better, but getting ideas out faster is a must and easier to do when everything you need is right in front of you and ready to go.

Grab Your Copy Here

MTurboEQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about purchasing MTurboEQ? Hang tight! Our FAQ section answers those nitty-gritty questions you’re itching to know. Continue reading below

What Makes MTurboEQ Different From Other Equalizers?

MTurboEQ stands out due to its unique ability to encapsulate the essence of multiple iconic equalizers within a single interface. It combines the warmth and character of vintage hardware units with the precision and flexibility of modern digital technology.

Moreover, its dual modes (Stepped and Continuous) offer both quick adjustments and detailed fine-tuning, catering to a wide range of user needs.

Can I Use MTurboEQ For Both Mixing and Mastering?

Absolutely! MTurboEQ is versatile enough to be used in both mixing and mastering scenarios. Its range of features, from broad adjustments to surgical precision, makes it suitable for shaping individual tracks in a mix or refining the overall tonal balance of a mastered track.

Does MTurboEQ Emulate Specific Vintage Equalizer Models?

While MTurboEQ draws inspiration from various classic hardware equalizers, it doesn’t emulate any specific model directly. Instead, it captures these vintage units’ general character and curves.

How Does the Automatic Gain Compensation Feature Work?

The Automatic Gain Compensation feature in MTurboEQ adjusts the output level to match the original perceived loudness. This ensures that when you make EQ adjustments, the overall volume remains consistent, preventing unintentional increases or decreases in loudness.

Is MTurboEQ Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, MTurboEQ is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and professionals.


You Can Download Get It Here


If you’re starting out and want an EQ that grows with you, offering simplicity and depth, MTurboEQ is an excellent choice. The interface is simple, the learning curve is almost non-existent, and it has some great presets to get you started.

Regardless if you’re mixing, mastering, or simply exploring sound, this vintage styled EQ plugin is a great addition to anyone’s plugins arsenal.


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