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MTurboComp Review – The Most Versatile Compressor Out?

You get 14 compressors in 1 Plugin!


MTurboComp, What Is it?

MTurboComp is a unique compressor that consists of 14 compressor emulations in one single plugin. Again, that’s 14 compressors in 1. We conducted an interview with Vojtech, MeldaProductions CEO where he goes in-depth on the idea and concept behind this unit, you can check that out here

The compressors are laid out as such (some of the ones you may recognize).

  • Meve: Based on the Neve console’s compressor
  • Melide 1176: This emulation based on the classic 1176 compressor
  • MA2A: Classic LA2A, claimed to have a close sound to the Teletronix version.
  • MDistressor: Based on Empirical Lab’s Distressor.
  • etc

These can be found on the left side of the plugin via the quick screen. What’s interesting about the compressor is that MeldaProduction took time to mimic/emulate how classic compressor(s) respond as opposed to what most companies do which is emulate the noise and artifacts.

In Vojtech’s words “We kept the good and left out the bad” this is definitely a different take but an interesting and effective one to say the least.

What’s So Good About it?

Aside from having access to 14 compressors with a single click, you have the ability to develop your own compressor and have it function the way you want. This is done via the edit screen and can be complex, but worth it if crafting your own sound is needed.

On a more basic (ish) level, multiband compression! With a typical multi-band compressor, you’re dialing in how hard or soft you want to compress each band of frequencies. With MTurbComp, the multiband option allows you to allocate which compressor is used on each band.

Think about that for a second. You could have an 1176 attenuate the transient of the high frequencies while (at the same time) the MA2A (LA2A) works on the Low and low mids. Or, how about having the MDistressor control the low mid-range? This is multi-band compression on a different level and it’s extremely easy to implement.

MTurboComp Pros and Cons

No plugin is perfect, but the good outweighs the bad.


Extremely easy: – All compressors have the same layout greatly reducing the learning curves.

Cpu Friendly: Then again, what does MeldaProduction release that isn’t?

Options: You can use and or edit their compressor models or make your own. No other compressor allows this.

M/S & L/R: Both mid-side and left/right processing.

Sound: It sounds good, that’s what’s most important.


GUI: Some people aren’t a fan of the GUI, they prefer more authentic looking ones.

Values: Some of the values read out as percentages vs ration and ms, this can be changed though.

Layout: Some people prefer the original layouts of the authentic uniques and I understand.

Complex: Most of the magic is under the hood. You’d have to really want to dive in to get things exactly how you need them.

As you can see some of the pros can be cons depending on who you ask and or your preference. Some people like the simple look, others don’t. Some don’t mind deep diving to customize a plugin, others do.

All in all, It’s a unique plugin with a lot of flexibility. I think the Multiband version is where the money is. However, if the multiband version isn’t something you need, there is a Lite version -> MTurboCompLe.

Keep in mind, the Lite version does not allow you to go in and customize the emulation models or build your own custom compressor. It’s meant for those who simply need quick results and it too works very well.

More Information // Meldaproduction

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