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MRhythmizer The Gross Beat and HalfTime Killer

MRhythmizer is the plug-in you need if you want to inject a little magic into your music production or sound design. It’s an effect plugin that lets you control and manipulate creative; glitches, filters, gates, stutter fx, tape stops… time-based modifications, modulations, and much more! Anything you can fathom in manipulation space, MRythmizer is capable of delivering. While the plugin’s GUI is simple, the power under the hood is anything but that and it has its own sequencer!

You can use this plug-in to manipulate melodies, drum tracks, loop packs, midi, etc. I place an instance of MRhythmizer on all of my tracks because it’s CPU friendly and it helps me get ideas into the daw quickly.

Now, there are similar tools such as Gross Beat and Halftime, and both are good, but neither are as robust or flexible as MRhythmizer.

MeldaProduction really thought about what the user(s) needed to control; Dry/Wet (aka the mix knob), Attack, and Release as well including Filter and Volume Control!

MRhythmizer Features

    • 36 available sequences for time, volume, and filter – 64 quarter notes max per sequence
    • Supports Stereo, Mono & Surround Sound.
    • All parameters can be modulated.
    • Automatic sync with the host (daw).
    • Has a nice Shuffle setting.
    • Supports Midi Control.
    • Lot’s of cool music presets.

A full feature list can be found here.

This is what was missing for me with similar plug-ins (a huge letdown). As music creators advance so does their need for more advanced tools.

MRhythmizer Before and After Results

Here’s a West Coast track created in Reaper.

Here’s a modification of the same track using MRhythmizer.

This is definitely, a plugin everyone needs to have it in their arsenal. At the time of this post, MRhythmizer priced at $54.00. If you need more flexibility, I’d strongly recommend checking out the multiband version MRhythmizerMB.

Find out about MeldaProduction and their plugins here.

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