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MRhythmizer The Gross Beat and HalfTime Killer

Melda Production did an excellent job with this plugin

MRhythmizer The Gross Beat and HalfTime Killer

MRhythmizer is the plug-in you need if you want to inject a little magic into your music production or sound design. It’s an effect plugin that lets you control and manipulate creative; glitches, filters, gates, stutter fx, tape stops… time-based modifications, modulations, and much more!

Anything you can fathom in manipulation space, MRythmizer is capable of delivering. While the plugin’s GUI is simple, the power under the hood is anything but that and it has its own sequencer!

You can use this plug-in to manipulate melodies, drum tracks, loop packs, midi packs, etc. I place an instance on all of my tracks because it’s CPU friendly and it helps me get ideas into the daw quickly.

Now, there are similar tools such as Gross Beat and Halftime, and both are good, but neither are as robust or flexible as MRhythmizer.

MeldaProduction really thought about what the user(s) needed to control; Dry/Wet (aka the mix knob), Attack, and Release as well as Filter and Volume Control!

MRhythmizer Features

    • 36 available sequences for time, volume, and filter – 64 quarter notes max per sequence
    • Supports Stereo, Mono & Surround Sound.
    • All parameters can be modulated.
    • Automatic sync with the host (daw).
    • Has a nice Shuffle setting.
    • Supports Midi Control.
    • Lots of cool music presets.

A full feature list can be found here.

This is what was missing for me with similar plug-ins (a huge letdown). As music creators advance so does their need for more advanced tools.

Using MRhythmizer Before and After Results

Here’s a West Coast track created in Reaper DAW. Great DAW if you need something that gives you complete control over your workflow.

Here’s a modification of the same track/Instrumental using Melda’s MRhythimzer.

How To Download MRhythmizer Presets

Here’s where the real gold is with Melda Production and their plugins. I contacted Melda (support) asking if there were any third-party Mrhythmizer presets I could purchase. What I expected was a link to a bunch of preset packs (decently priced).

What I received was better! It turns out that Mrhymizer users upload hundreds of presets FREE and those presets can be downloaded right through the plugin!

Mrhythmizer Presets

The presets range, some were basic while others were very good and creative and with good descriptions in the names. I could tell there were some FL Studio users making some of the presets due to the names and functions. If they weren’t FL Users, they were very familiar with Gross Beat.

There were also lots of good presets in the styles of Roddy Ricch, Gunna, Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert. A fair amount of Drill presets as well. The community and presets are constantly growing and updating so I check for new presets every month or so.

I’m glad Melda made the process so easy. This is another reason why MRhythmizer is a great alternative to Grossbeat.


It’s not a bad plugin at all, just really basic and in need of an update. For what it does, it does well which is halftime audio and midi. You can adjust its mix (wet and dry), standard stuff, but that’s where it ends.

The crazy thing is, you can create Halftime with MeldaProduction’s tools. I don’t mean the effect, but an actual plugin.

I’ve never seen a company that allows the end-user to do create its own plugins before.

Halftime is in dire need of an update. The days of ‘one function plugins’ are dying. Users want more flexibility and a lot of developers are moving in that direction. Cableguys do have a muli function plugin called ShaperBox, a really great application.

If I were them I’d let Halftime go for free and use it as a marketing vehicle to get people into their ShaperBox system. Maybe we’ll do a review ShaperBox vs MRhythmizer next.

Does MRhythmizer Work In Fl Studio?

Yes, MRhythmizer works with Fl Studio Fl as well as the following DAWS:

  • Reason 12
  • Logic Pro X
  • Pro Tools 12
  • Bitwig Studio
  • Adobe Audition
  • BandLab Sonar
  • Studio One
  • Garage Band
  • Ableton Live
  • Cubase
  • ACID Pro
  • Digital Performer


MRythmizer is definitely a plugin everyone needs to have in their arsenal. At the time of this post, MRhythmizer is priced at $54.00. If you need more flexibility, I’d strongly recommend checking out the multiband version.

Find out about MeldaProduction and their plugins here. Also, be sure to check out our interview with Melda Production.

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