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MP MIDI Controller – Control Your Plugins Like Hardware!

The Future Is Here!

MP MIDI Controller For VST Plugins

MP MIDI is a new concept of MIDI controller that seeks to be the definitive solution to “control audio plugins as if they were hardware”, through the idea of ​​a device that integrates with the DAW and allows dedicated control of both effects and instruments.

The idea behind the MP MIDI controller is to have a direct connection to the DAW through a plugin that allows live changes and manipulation through a central screen, accompanied by four series of encoders that are automatically mapped to the functions of the selected software (like the Serum demonstration picture below).

The MP plugin functions as a host for the other plugins, which adds another step in loading instrument effects but allows more specific control than other controllers and promises to speed up the creative workflow by automatically mapping various controls, with the advantage of having the plugin itself closest to the controls through the screen of the device. There are 32 encoders per page, with 4 pages of controls and up to 128 encoders parameters per plugin.

MP MIDI is still a prototype and its technology is in the process of being patented. According to its creators, it is being tested for more than three months and will soon be ready to be mass-produced. There is no word yet about the price or the release date, but it is certainly an interesting idea to watch.

MP MIDI can be hosted in any major DAW that supports either VST3, AU, and AAX and at the same time can host plugins in VST3/AU format on Mac and VST3 on PC.

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