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Most Affordable Mixing Plugin Bundle: Only $29.99 annnd

Blows Waves Out Of The Fucking Water!

Alright, IK Multimedia now has the most affordable mixing plugin bundle on the market right now, but for a limited time only, so take action and grab it ASAP.

MixBox by IK Multimedia

Grab It Right Now

Today, we are in no shortage of mixing plugins. Every company has its hand in the game, but not every company delivers quality.

Check out Mixbox by IK Multimedia. Right now, this multi-effects bundle is on sale for $29.99 That’s the price of maybe 1 decent Waves Plugin!

MixBox isn’t just light on the pocket, but heavy on features.

10 Features Of IK’s Most Affordable Mixing Plugin

1. Unified Effects Rack: Combine and chain up to 8 different effects in a single instance, streamlining the mixing process.

2. Lots Of Effects: Over 70 individual effects to choose from, sourced from IK’s acclaimed T-RackS, AmpliTube, and SampleTank.

3. Simple Drag & Drop Interface: Easily build and rearrange your effects chain with a user-friendly drag & drop system.

4. Quality Presets: 500+ presets and preset chains tailored for various genres and production styles, offering a quick jump start for your mixes.

5. Standalone/Plugin Modes: Use MixBox as a standalone application or as a plugin within a DAW.

6. Advanced Routing Capabilities: Dive deep into signal routing with options to split signals, process different frequency bands separately, or run parallel chains.

7. High Quality Emulations: I wish I could say all companies emulated hardware units well, but they don’t. IK is one of the few.

8. Dynamic Processors: From compressors and limiters to gates and de-essers, MixBox offers a comprehensive set of tools for dynamic control.

9. Modulation & Spatial Effects: Enhance your tracks with lush reverbs, delays, phasers, choruses, and more, adding depth and movement to your mix.

10. Efficient CPU Usage: Despite its vast array of tools, MixBox is optimized for efficient CPU usage, ensuring smooth performance even in complex sessions.

Mixbox has 70+ plugins altogether, more than enough to get the job done.

Gain Access To The Most Affordable Mixing Plugin Bundle Today

Mixbox Effects: Compressors, Limiters, Channel Strips, Saturation, etc

Breaking down some of the effect plugins, hardware emulated, and what the plugins are good for.

MixBox 1176 Saturator X Tape Echo

The Most Affordable Mixing Plugin Packed With Vintage Sound Quality

Unit NameEmulatesUsed For
Black 76Classic 1176 compressorAdding punch to hip-hop vocals and drums.
White 2ALA-2A leveling amplifierSmoothening out vocals and adding warmth to samples.
Model 670Fairchild 670Gluing together a hip-hop mix, especially drum busses.
EQ PGAPI 560 EQSculpting punchy kicks and snares.
EQ PA1Pultec EQBoosting the low-end of basslines and 808s.
CrusherCustom distortion unitAdds grit to synths and 808s.
Lo-FiCustom vintage samplerAchieving vintage, sampled sound in lo-fi hip-hop tracks.
Convo ReverbCustom convolution reverbRecreating spaces and adding depth to beats.
Inverse ReverbCustom inverse reverbCreating atmospheric intros or unique vocal effects.
EnsembleClassic chorus unitWidening synths, instruments, and background vocals.
Chorus C1Classic chorus unitAdds depth to synths or makes sampled hooks sound richer.
Auto panCustom auto panning unitCreates movement to hi-hats or background elements.
Filter – M (Moog)Moog’s iconic filterSculpting synths or basslines.
Filter – O (Oberheim)Oberheim filterAdding character to samples or synths.
Saturator XCustom saturation unitMaking beats sound fuller and richer.
Bus CompressorSSL G-Series bus compressorGluing together a full hip-hop mix.
De-EsserCustom de-esserControlling sibilance in vocals for a clear rap delivery.
Plate ReverbClassic plate reverb unitAdds metallic resonance to snares or claps in trap beats.
Digital DelayCustom digital delay unitHelps add depth to leads or vocal ad-libs.
PhaserClassic phaser unitGreat for adding movement to synths or background elements.
FlangerClassic flanger unitCreating a ‘swirling’ effect for transitional elements or FX.
OverdriveCustom overdrive unitAdds grit and character to hip-hop beats or basslines.
DistortionCustom distortionIntensifies elements in trap, Hip-Hop, drill… All genres.


10 Unique Mixing Chains For MixBox MixBox

These chains offer a starting point, and their effectiveness can vary based on the specific source material and desired outcome. Always adjust settings and the order of plugins to taste.

1. Black 76 -> EQ PG -> Tape Echo -> Room Reverb

Good for: Beefing up and adding vintage warmth to vocals. The compressor tightens the dynamics, the EQ sculpts the tone, and the echo and reverb give it a spacious, old-school feel.

2. Crusher -> Ensemble -> EQ 81 -> Digital Delay

Good For: Creating a wide and atmospheric lead synth sound. The crusher adds grit, the ensemble widens, the EQ shapes and the delay provides depth.

3. Lo-Fi -> Filter – M (Moog) -> Phaser -> Plate Reverb

Use It For: Crafting a retro, swirling pad sound. The lo-fi degrades the quality, the filter molds the frequency, the phaser adds movement, and the reverb gives it space.

4. Convo Reverb -> Saturator X -> EQ PA1 -> Auto pan

Try It For: Designing dynamic background textures. The reverb simulates a space, saturation adds warmth, EQ shapes the tone, and auto pan gives it movement.

5. Chorus C1 -> De-Esser -> Filter – O (Oberheim) -> Distortion

Experiment With: Processing background vocals or harmonies. The chorus widens, the de-esser controls sharp ‘s’ sounds, the filter adjusts tone, and distortion adds a touch of grit.

6. Bus Compressor -> EQ 73 -> Flanger -> Inverse Reverb

Good for: Crafting a unique drum bus. The compressor glues the drums, the EQ shapes them, the flanger adds a psychedelic touch, and the inverse reverb creates a suction effect.

7. Overdrive -> Model 670 -> Digital Delay -> EQ PG

Great For: Designing a gritty lead guitar tone. Overdrive adds drive, the 670 compressor smoothens dynamics, the delay provides echo, and the EQ sculpts the final tone.

8. White 2A -> Phaser -> Crusher -> Ensemble

Good for: Processing a bass guitar for a psychedelic or experimental track. The 2A adds warmth, the phaser provides movement, the crusher adds grit, and the ensemble widens.

9. Tape Echo -> Lo-Fi -> Bus Compressor -> EQ 81

Good for: Crafting a vintage sampled sound, like for hip-hop beats. The echo and lo-fi give a retro feel, the compressor tightens, and the EQ shapes the final tone.

10. Room Reverb -> Chorus C1 -> Black 76 -> Saturator X

Good for: Designing a spacious and warm pad or string section. The reverb simulates a room, the chorus widens, the Black 76 compresses and the saturator adds warmth.

Why Is Mixbox The Most Affordable Mixing Plugin?

At the time of this writing, Mixbox is on sale for $29.99, and no other mixing suite on the market offers its quality at this price point.

Not UAD, Waves Audio, SSL or Slate Digital… Noone. This is the best, take advantage before the sale ends, and the price shoots back up to $199

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