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Top 10 MeldaProduction Plugins: Music Producers… Step Your Game Up!

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MeldaProduction, this company has built a reputation for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction and remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in audio processing technology.

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What sets MeldaProduction apart is not just the sheer quality of their plugins but also the attention to detail and the level of control they offer to users.

The customizable interfaces and ability to develop your own plugins from within their environment are next level.

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Yes, you read that right! This is the perfect opportunity to grab those plugins you’ve been eyeing for a while. Whether you’re looking to expand your plugin library or just starting to build one.

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10 MeldaProduction Plugins You Should Have

1. MAutoPitch

MAutoPitch is Melda’s automatic pitch correction plugin. It corrects pitch and allows you to modify pitch centers and control formants without affecting other qualities of the original sound.


This plugin is particularly useful for vocal tracks, ensuring they are in tune with the rest of the mix.

Additionally, MAutoPitch offers creative possibilities, such as creating harmonies or slightly altering the character of a voice.

2. MEqualizer

MEqualizer is an advanced equalizer that comes with 7 filter types for each band, integrated tube saturation, and harmonics control. It offers an incredibly transparent and musical sound, making it perfect for both corrective and creative equalization.

Mequalizer 2023

With its spectrum analyzer and sonogram feature, it’s easy to visually identify and sculpt frequencies that need attention.

3. MCompressor

This versatile compressor can be used on a wide range of instruments and sounds, including vocals, drums, guitars, bass, and even synth lines.

MCompressor MeldaProduction

Use it to add punch to your drum tracks, control the dynamics of a vocal performance, or simply glue things together.

MComposer is simple to use and has many features that will be great for any task.

4. MFreeformEqualizer

MFreeformEqualizer is a unique equalizer that allows you to draw any equalization curve that you want. This is particularly useful for making precise adjustments that can’t be achieved with traditional EQs.

Whether you need to notch out a specific frequency or create a unique EQ curve, MFreeformEqualizer gives you the freedom to shape your sound.

5. MTurboReverb

This is easily one of the best reverb plugins out today. With MTurboReverb, you get 100 reverb styles. Go from a hall’s grandeur to a cozy room’s intimacy.

MTurboReverb Meldaproduction Plugins

Feeling inventive? Cool, you can create your own unique sounding reverb! One that no one has but you.

Yes, it sounds complex, but it’s simpler than you think, especially the way Melda lays everything out. You can keep the sound sculpting simple or really do a deep dive, your choice.

Lots of sonic possibilities here!

6. MRhythmizer

MRhythmizer is often referred to as the “Gross Beat Killer” because of its extensive features and capabilities that outshine Image-Line’s Gross Beat.

While Gross Beat is known for its time manipulation and gating effects, MRhythmizer takes it a step further with a more intuitive interface, additional modulation options, and greater control over parameters.

For producers seeking advanced time-based effects with greater control and flexibility, MRhythmizer is the go to choice.

7. MAutopan

MAutoPan stands out among panning plugins due to its combination of simplicity and depth.

This panning plugin offers a more streamlined interface than most that’s easy for beginners yet still powerful for technical professionals.

MAutoPan 2023

Additionally, MAutoPan’s high-quality sound processing and the ability to control the depth and shape of the panning curve make it an excellent choice for both subtle and dramatic stereo effects.

8. MTransient

MTransient is a transient shaping powerhouse that stands out for its exceptional sound quality. Its adjustable detection algorithm is unique, allowing fine-tuning of how the plugin responds to different input signals.


The side chain feature opens up creative processing possibilities, and it has a saturation option that can help your drums sound bigger, warmer, and fatter.

9. DrumStrip

DrumStrip is the ultimate drum mixing companion that packs a punch. This plugin is like having an all-in-one drum mixing studio. From grouping all your drum tracks to diving deep into the details of snares, kicks, or cymbals, it’s got everything.


The Auto Input feature is akin to an assistant that analyzes the sound for you. With intuitive controls like an XY pad for dynamics and a bleed kill option for that crisp sound, it’s both powerful and efficient.

DrumStrip is perfect for those who want to focus on the creative side without getting bogged down by the technicalities. It’s not just about achieving that professional sound; it’s about doing it faster and smarter.

10. MTurboComp

MTurboComp stands out for its ability to emulate a range of legendary compressors. From the smoothness of the Fairchild 670 to the punchiness of the API 2500, it offers a diverse palette of compression characteristics.

MTurboComp Compressor

Glue your mix together with the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor emulation or add tube warmth with the Manley Variable Mu, MTurboComp has got you covered.


High quality plugins are as essential to making good music as using good sounding instruments, mics, etc.

They are becoming the backbone of modern music production, offering a level of control and flexibility that can turn a good track into a great sounding song.

Especially given they can emulate classic hardware to help you tighten up your mix and add character.

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For more information on MeldaProduction and their plugins, visit their website.

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