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Meet the Man Behind Melda Production

Plugin Boutique Interviews Vojtech Melda Meluzin

Melda Production vojtech meluzin interview with Plugin Boutique

Melda Production CEO, Vojtech has created 120+ plugins, did you know that? Check out this incredible interview.

Vojtech Meluzin: The Man Behind Melda Production

In this interview, Vojtech goes into:

  • His upbringing
  • Music experience
  • Plugin Development
  • Marketing/Promo
  • Humbled Beginnings

Some of the information in the interview is revealed in our Interview with Vojtech, but this video interview gets in-depth.

He even goes into the creative process of one of his instruments The Meldway Grand.

Favorite Melda Production Plugins

When it comes to plugins, Melda Production offers a lot:

  • Low Cpu Usage
  • Functionality
  • Bang For The Buck
  • Great Sound
  • Ease Of Use
  • Sound Design Options
  • A lot Of Control

Some of our favorites include:

MautoPan: Simple yet robust panning plugin that allows you to approach panning creatively. The MultiBand version is amazing, if you can afford it, grab it.

MTurboComp: What makes this compressor unique is being able to utilize multiple compressor styles within one plugin. What’s even better is the ability to process a sound allocating different compressors to specific frequencies.

MRhythmizer: This is legit, the Gross Beat and halftime killer right here and one of the most popular plugins Melda Production has according to Vojtech.

MTurboEQ: Similar to MTurboComp, but an EQ.

MTransient: This transient designer allows you to get down to the nitty-gritty and choose what that attack is doing. Really good for getting those kicks and snares to snap, but also great and fixing transient problems.


Vojtech also demonstrates MSoundFactory (500MB), which currently has over 3000 presets and growing. The factory libraries total close to 90 gigs in size. You can pick and choose which instrument you want to install.

The idea behind the MSoundFactory plugin is to create an environment where all instruments needed to create are right in front of you instead of needing to constantly search and load. In a sense, it feels as if Vojtech is looking to create something similar to Native Instruments Kontakt, but better.

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