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Magix Launches Samplitude Pro X5

Workflow Enhancements and Support for MPE and ARA2

Samplitude Pro X5

Magix has released Samplitude Pro X5, a new version of its DAW that integrates new features and promises to significantly optimize overall workflow.

Samplitude Pro X5 has a new monitoring section that allows you to control different monitor paths and load them with effects for shortcut control. It also now offers support for second-generation ARA2 that enables ease of switching between Samplitude Pro X5 ARA-compliant plugins like Melodyne.

Tempo can now be automated using its own track for dedicated control of tempo variations over the timeline. Another important innovation is the integration of Polyphonic MIDI (MPE) with an assignment to dedicated channels for compatibility with controllers such as the ROLI Seaboard.

Samplitude Pro X5 DAW

Other new features include 11 new virtual instruments ranging from orchestral to percussion, new Convology XT Complete, plus various interface improvements and workflow with new forms of automation drawing, new color wave system to identify pitch or characteristics. sound like anomalies of a given track.

In the Suite version, 11 more instruments are added, along with a 70GB sound library, SpectraLayers 6 (with free download of the future version 7), a new coreFX effects suite with essential processing and mixing tools, and iZotope RX 7 Elements and Ozone 9 Elements included.

Samplitude Pro X5 is available right now for Windows at 32 or 64bit, priced at $ 399. Samplitude Pro X5 Suite costs $ 599. There are also several subscription options.

More information // Samplitude Pro X5

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