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Loc-Ness The Smash Box: Get It Now 100% Free!

LOC-NESS (The Drum Smasher)!

For many music producers, drums are the most important part of the mix. So important that they can make or break a track. Mixing engineers and producers have always chained Preamps, EQs, Compressors, and other processing units to craft their signature sound(s). LOC-NESS is marketed as a drum processing unit, but gives great results on other sounds as well such as, but not limited to: Lead Synths, One-Shots, Vocals, Basslines, Guitars, and more.

It’s a nice-sounding compressor/color box with tasty filters and aggressive nature.

How to Download Loc-Ness V2.5 for Free

If you’re a current V2 user, follow these instructions

  • Access Your Tone Empire Account
  • Add Locness V2.5 to cart.
  • Checkout, the price will turn to $0.
  • A new serial for Version 2.5 will be generated once checkout is completed

Not a current user? No problem, Loc-Ness V2.5 can be downloaded here for  $19.

Download Loc-Ness Here

Loc-Ness Drum-Processor

What’s New In LOC-NESS V2.5

The Smash Box

  • Improved new 3D GUI
  • Brand new 3D GUI
  • Cpu efficiency Better oversampling)
  • Plugin Now Resizeable
  • Control value popup display

Loc-Ness Processing Features


Effect: Increases the saturation (Tone Color) drive with this control.

Select the type of saturation from modes 1 – 4.


Effect: Heavy limit ( Sustain ) the signal as you dial more of this effect. The Signal flows from Crust to Smash in a serial manner.

This gives a similar processing behavior to that of the 1176 fet compressor in all-in mode with added smoothness.

Tip: An LA2A Compressor would be a good companion for LOC-NESS. Here’s a list of Free LA2A Compressor Plugins


Low Cut and High Cut Filter options allow you to isolate only the range you want the CRUST section to process, leaving the rest untouched.

Pre Filter:

The first order of hpf/lpf affects the signal going into the saturation and then into the compression, giving control into how Smash and Crust section operates.

This is ideal for removing harsh frequencies that could be amplified during the Crush/Smash processing.

Post Filter:

This section has a full range low cut and high-cut filters to shape the sound post-crash and smash. This is especially useful when blending in the dry signal with the processed signal.


Flip between the phase. At times this can give a better or worse sound depending on your sources. Always try it out and see if it helps improve the sound or not.

Trim Control

Gives control over master mix attenuation (Dry and Wet).

ATK ( Attack )

Attack on makes the compressor respond quickly, thus “Smashing” the sound instantly. Attack-off reacts slower, allowing the transients through before compression kicks in smashing the remaining audio signal(s).

Loc-Ness Drum Processor In Action

Final Thoughts On Tone Empires LOC-NESS Drum Smasher

Loc-Ness is a powerhouse, not only does it make for an awesome alternative to SoundToys Devil Loc, it offers a lot more features. Tone Empire did a good job with the original model, its 2nd iteration, and now what seems like an overhaul in the 2.5 version.

It looks nice, functions well and best of all, sounds good!

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