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Knock Plugin Review From Decap (Plugins That Knock)

Decap gave us 8 or 9 volumes of Drums That Knock. Now, he brings us the KNOCK Plugin!

Man, just check out these ‘before and after comparisons’!

Knock Plugin Features

Punch: A good transient shaper for making your drums KNOCK.

Saturate: Offers 3 different modes of distortion. Definitely use this on 808s and Drums.

Sub: Detects when a kick drum is present, and generates a layered sub-frequency tone, giving your kick a deep low-end presence. Select the pitch of your subtone. Perfect for breakbeats, and tuning your kick drum to the key of your song.

Air: Air is air… It adds a smooth lift (bump) in the high end given your drums (or whatever sound) or your entire mix that needed transparent sheen.

Clip: MAKE YOUR DRUMS KNOCK by pushing them the soft clipper adding a little warmth. The hard curve adds aggression while the soft serve adds roundness.

Wet/Dry: This allows you to control how much of the processed signal is mixed with the non-processed signal. aka Parallel processing

Plugins That Knock Review

Knock Plugin Pros and Cons

First the PROS

Knock is a useful production tool for both beginners and seasoned producers/engineers. It can add a lot of character to your

  • Drums
  • 808s
  • Loops
  • Drum loops
  • Samples
  • etc

Toss the plugin onto individual channels as an insert or a bus. Applying it to a bus can not only add good tones and character but even add a little glue to the mix. Aside from sounding good and being ridiculously easy to use, it’s very light on the CPU.

Oh, and knock is less than 20 megs installed! That’s a lot smaller than Cymatics Diablo.

And Now For The Cons

There aren’t many, but here goes

Lack of scalability: I wish it was scalable for people with bigger monitors such as wide screens this shows up pretty small.

Lacks Noise: There’s no white or pink noise! If the plugin had this, that would allow more sound design options to really enrich and allow your drums to stand out.

No Demo Version: While forgiving, it’s rather annoying. He does insinuate there may be one in the future.


Knock Compatibility/System Requirements:

KNOCK works in all major DAWs

Operating Systems:

OSX: 10.12+ – AU, VST3, AAX
WIN: 8.1, 10 – 64 bit VST3, AAX
Ram: 8GB RAM required, 16GB recommended


Mac: Intel i5 – i9, Xeon and Apple M1
Windows: Intel i5 – i9, Xeon (5 and up), Quad-Core (AMD)
Space requirements: Minimum of 500MB



This is a great plugin. Decap in on to something here. Hopefully, he adds a demo version in the future. Click here for more info on Decap’s Plugin.

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