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Knock Plugin Review From Decap (Plugins That Knock)

Decap gave us 8 or 9 volumes of Drums That Knock. Now, he brings us the KNOCK Plugin!

Man, just check out these ‘before and after comparisons’!

Knock Plugin Features

Punch: A good transient shaper for making your drums KNOCK.

Saturate: Offers 3 different modes of distortion. Definitely use this on 808s and Drums.

Sub: Detects when a kick drum is present, and generates a layered sub-frequency tone, giving your kick a deep low-end presence. Select the pitch of your subtone. Perfect for breakbeats, and tuning your kick drum to the key of your song.

Air: Air is air… It adds a smooth lift (bump) in the high end given your drums (or whatever sound) or your entire mix that needed transparent sheen.

Clip: MAKES YOUR DRUMS KNOCK by pushing them the soft clipper adding a little warmth. The hard curve adds aggression while the soft serve adds roundness.

Wet/Dry: This allows you to control how much of the processed signal is mixed with the non-processed signal. aka Parallel processing

Plugins That Knock Review

Knock Plugin Pros and Cons

First the PROS

Knock is a useful production tool for both beginners and seasoned producers/engineers.

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Versatile enough for seasoned producers/engineers
  • Adds a lot of character to your
  • Works great as an Insert or Buss effect
  • Light on the CPU
  • Sounds good
  • Less than 20 megs installed! That’s a lot smaller than Cymatics Diablo

And Now For The Cons

There aren’t many, but here goes

  • Lack of scalability: I wish it was scalable for people with bigger monitors such as wide screens this shows up pretty small.
  • Lacks Noise: There’s no white or pink noise! If the plugin had this, that would allow more sound design options to really enrich and allow your drums to stand out.
  • No Demo Version: While forgiving, it’s rather annoying. He does insinuate there may be one in the future.

– https://www.instagram.com/touchtone_dsg/

What I like Using Knock On

  • Drums
  • 808s
  • Loops
  • Drum loops
  • Samples
  • Bus processing tasks
  • etc

Applying it to a bus can not only add good tones and character but even add a little glue to the mix.

Knock Compatibility/System Requirements:

KNOCK works in all major DAWs

Operating Systems:

OSX: 10.12+ – AU, VST3, AAX
WIN: 8.1, 10 – 64 bit VST3, AAX
Ram: 8GB RAM required, 16GB recommended


Mac: Intel i5 – i9, Xeon and Apple M1
Windows: Intel i5 – i9, Xeon (5 and up), Quad-Core (AMD)
Space requirements: Minimum of 500MB



This is a great plugin. Decap is on to something here. Hopefully, he adds a demo version in the future. Click here for more info on Decap’s Plugin.

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