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Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip: How To Mix Vocals Easier

Joe’s Custom Signal Flow

IK couldn’t let us finish up with the Syntronik Group Buy before releasing another cool plugin. This time it’s The Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip.  They reproduced the GRAMMY-winning producer’s unique vision and formula for crafting attention-grabbing, engaging vocals. And, they put it all into one plugin!

IK Multimedia Instagram Vocal Strip Announcement

T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip Overview

  • Joe Chiccarelli’s complete vocal chain in a single plug-in
  • Exact models of 3 iconic compressors working in parallel
  • Unique analog parallel workflow offers incredible versatility
  • Includes optimized De-esser, EQ, and custom effects section
  • Excellent for all music genres
  • Presets designed by Chiccarelli
  • Easy fully automatable controls
  • Works in T-RackS 5 or in standalone mode

T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip Video

3 Iconic Compressors Working In Parallel

The main section of the channel strip is comprised of three compressors

  • Retro: Models the Fairchild 670, Godfather of Tube Compressors good for warmth!
  • Main: Models Classic FET compressor UREI 1176 which is known for catching and taming transients.
  • Heavy: Custom-built hybrid (UA76/CL1B) Compressor.

Adjusting the amount of compressor is as simple as adjusting the ‘amount’ knob, there’s no attack, threshold, or release to fiddle with. Moreover, the compressors can be mixed and matched allowing you to daily in clarity, fullness, grit, etc.

Analog EQ Section (Simple Controls)

Body: Low-end frequency control
Presence: Mid-range control of frequencies
Air: Top-end or High-frequency control

Which can be placed pre or post the compressor.

Sweetening FX

Includes 2 Delays, Reverbs and Modulation FX.

Output Section

Here’s where overall color, tone, saturation, and mix (dry/wet) can be dialed in to taste. What makes this channel strip great is the ability to dial in a mix quickly with one plugin as opposed to loading up several.

Vocal Strip Compatibility

OSX: MacOS 10.10 and up
Windows: 7 and up
Format: VST, VST3, AU, and AAX

The Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip runs as standalone or within T-RackS 5.

More info // IK Multimedia

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