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IK Multimedia ARC System 3

Acoustic Correction Plugin

IK Multimedia ARC System 3

IK Multimedia began selling the new ARC System 3 acoustic correction system, which consists of analytical software and a correction plug-in. In addition to all the functions of previous versions, ARC System 3 received updated algorithms for 3D-analysis of the room and a modern user interface, while maintaining modest system requirements.

ARK System is a software package that allows you to bring the sound of acoustics closer to the reference by measuring at different points in a particular room using a special microphone. This allows you to get an acceptable sound in just a few minutes, even in a room that is unprocessed with sound-absorbing materials.

IK Multimedia ARC System 3 Setup

The software costs € 99.99, with the recommended MEMS measuring microphone € 149.99, however, the developers do not restrict the user in choosing measurement equipment and left the opportunity to use microphones from other manufacturers, as well as upload calibration files. For owners of previous versions discounts are provided.

More details // IK Multimedia ARC System 3

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