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IK Multimedia Group Buy: Get 53 Plugins FREE For The Price Of 1

IK Multimedia pushes out another insane GROUP BUY, 53 plugins for the price of one, that’s the goal. This could be their biggest group buy to date and given the history and flow of their previous group buys, IK may extend the f**k out of this one.

I wonder if there will be anything left to offer during Black Friday and Christmas.

Group Buy Announcement Via Instagram

Mixing & Mastering Plugins

This massive deal focuses on their mixing and mastering tools, celebrating the recent release of their new Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip.

The T-RackS 5 Group Buy gives you an incredible way to get every studio processor and tool you want.

Group Buy Jump Off

At the time of this writing, the group buy is 7 plugins for the price of 1. That’s 6 free plugins for just jumping in. As more buyers join, and sales quotas a met, more free plugins will be available. Notifications come via email so make sure you have IK’s emails whitelisted, you don’t want to miss out on these awesome plugin deals.

Also, if you’ve already purchased The Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip you’re automatically entered and qualify!

T-Racks Plugins You Should Grab ASAP

  • Saturator X: Excellent for adding warmth and depth to your mix
  • Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip: Read about the Chiccarelli Vocal Strip
  • Stealth Limiter: Get your music it loud without damaging the audio
  • White 2A: Classic LA2A Compression Emulation
  • Clipper: If you don’t know…Just grab this damn thing
  • Black 76: 1176 Compressor emulation, works great with the White 2A
  • Space Delay: IK’s emulation of the Classic Roland Echo
  • ONE: All in one Mastering Suite with EQ, Stereo Width, Compressor, Transient Designer, and analog punch

IK T-Racks Group Buy 53 to 1

There are a lot of great T-Racks plugins, but these are the ones I would start off with if you don’t have any. Also, remember, the more people that buy-in, the more free plugins everyone gets, so share this post, and let your friends know!

*FREEBIES must be chosen from the software titles HERE

For more information about the Group Buy click here:

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