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IK Multimedia Biggest Group Buy Sale: Take Advantage Fast!

Well, folks, IK Multimedia Hit The Goal with their 25 to 1 Group Buy! Biggest Group Buy to date, I don’t know of another company who has offered such a deal…Ever!

IK Group Buy 25 to 1

What Is A Group Buy?

Good question as I myself wasn’t sure what this was until two years ago. A Group Buy is the process by which a community Buys into a system in order to take advantage of benefits and perks such as free software, special discounts, one-time offers, etc.

Typically with Group Buys, new perks and benefits open in tiers. Here’s a good example

IK Multimedia Group Buy

What this means is once 16,000 purchases (and registerations) have been made the first perk for that tier is unlocked. That perk is Buy 1 plugin, get 16 free.

Those who purchased before reaching the 16,000 tier mark will be notified and the perk will unlock for them where they can get their free plugins of choice. The same is true for the remaining tiers.

What Does 25 x 1 Group Buy Mean

This means you get 25 plugins for the price of 1!

Do Group Buy Participants Have To Share Registrations?

NO, they all have their own serials, codes, and registrations. This isn’t like a School discount where the serials are through school and they have control. This would be a pain in the but if your registration were tied to a group of people, but it isn’t, you get your OWN.

Is The IK Group Buy Over?

Not yet, so you can still get in on the action. At the time of this writing, IK Multimedia’s Group Buy Offer ends October 31st, 2021. This means you can go in, make a purchase take advantage of the offer which is to get 25 plugins or qualifying products for the price of 1.

Which Plugins To Get?

Another good question. This depends on a few factors

  • What you need
  • Genre(s) of music you make
  • What you qualify for

IK Multimedia Group Buy Tip:

Purchase something expensive as free plugins need to be equal to or less than your initial purchase. Meaning, don’t expect to purchase a $79 plugin and get one that is $199 for free.

IK Multimedia Plugins/Products You Should Look Into

Tape Machines: Great, top of the line Tape Emulations in this bundle

MixBox: If you don’t know what this is please check out our MIXBOX Review

Space Delay: This is an amazing reverb unit emulating the classic Roland Space Echo

CompreXXor: This models the characteristics of the Distressor. Great sound, features and flexibility

One: All in one Mastering plugin. Control, Highs, Mids, Lows, Transients, Warmth, Stereo image, etc with one unit

Stealth Limiter: PUSH Push In the BUSH. Kidding, but you push the hell out of this compressor without destroying your sound.

Last Words About The IK Group Buy

IK offers Group Buys often. With that being said, I have no idea if the next one will be this good as 25 celebrates their 25th Anniversary (huge milestone), and it’s hard to say when they’ll do another this big.

Don’t miss out on this, take advantage while you can!

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