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Harrison Consoles Launches Mixbus 6 – New DAW Update

New Mixing Features and Improved Workflow

Harrison Consoles has announced Mixbus 6, a new update for their DAW designed to bring the sound and workflow of its digital consoles to the digital world.

Mixbus 6 promises to be faster in your mixing workflow, as well as sounding better than its predecessors. It has the fifth generation of its audio engine that allows smoother operation, a better loop system, latency compensation, and new route forms for buses and sidechains.

The bus system has been remarkably improved with the integration of new DAW-style auxiliaries, with dedicated panning, as well as offering new master monitor buses to create different mixes for performers. To this is added a new cutting tool to divide regions, previously only available as a keyboard shortcut.

It also offers the possibility to monitor input and playback on MIDI tracks simultaneously, it has a new virtual MIDI keyboard to enter MIDI information from a keyboard, with controller and transposition support. Other improvements include a new way to organize the list of recordings from the identification of takes, and the possibility of exporting now in MP3 format on Windows and Linux (previously only on macOS).

Mixbus 6 is available right now from Harrison Consoles at a price of $ 80. Upgrading from the previous version is offered for $ 19. It works on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

More information // Harrison Consoles

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