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Download This Free Vintage Compressor From IK Multimedia – T-RackS 670

Grab IK Multimedia’s T-RackS Vintage 670 Compressor for FREE!!

Free Vintage Compressor

Download It Now Free!!!

The T-Racks Vintage 670 Compressor plugin emulates the widely known Fairchild 670 compressor. It offers a wide range of control over compression characteristics, including input and output gain, attack and release times, and a six-position time constant switch.

The 670 also features a Mid-Side processing option for independent control over mid and side signals. Ideal for adding warmth, depth, stereo width, presence, and gluing together.

Download T-RackS Vintage 670 Compressor For FREE!

Follow these simple, straightforward instructions to gain access to your free compressor.

Step 1: Vist IK’s promo page via this link

Step 2: Start the survey by clicking on the red Survey Button. Be sure to create an IK account if you don’t have one already.

That’s it! The survey is about 20 questions, once you’re done, the Vintage 670 Compressor will be registered to your account. You’ll find it on the ‘My Products’ page.

What Was So Great About The Fairchild 670?

The Fairchild 670 Compressor (introduced in the 1950s) is a vintage tube compressor/limiter known for its warmth, musical compression character, and overall smoothness.

Mixing engineers fell in love with the compressor’s ability to enhance audio with a rich, cohesive, and subtly saturation making it quickly a favorite among audio professionals.

T-RackS Vintage 670 Compressor: Features To Pay Attention To

  1. Faithful Emulation: The plugin recreates the sound and behavior of the original Fairchild 670, including its tube like circuitry and unique compression characteristics.
  2. Versatile Compression: Smooth, musical, round sounding.
  3. Variable Time Constants: 6 selectable time constants, allowing you to tailor the compressor’s attack and release times to suit the audio being processed.
  4. Mid-Side Processing: Independently compress the mid and side (left/right channels) for stereo imaging.
  5. Link Modes: Choose between various link modes for the left and right channels, providing different degrees of stereo linking for even further control over the stereo image

For more information about the Vintage 670 Compressor, visit IK Multimedia.

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