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FREE UAD LA-2A Compressor: Download It NOW!

UAD is giving away their LA-2A Compressor FREE for a limited time. Take advantage of this offer now before its gone!

This isn’t just any compressor; it’s THE compressor that has shaped countless hits over the decades. If you produce music and haven’t experienced the magic of the LA-2A, you’re in for a treat!

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free_plugin uad_la-2a_compressor


LA-2A Features

🌟 Optical Compression Magic! Unlike any other, the LA-2A’s optical compression is a dream come true. It’s smooth, it’s musical, and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a compressor.

🔥 That Tube-Driven Sound! Warmth? Character? The LA-2A has it all! It’s like wrapping your audio in a cozy blanket of sonic goodness.

🎚️ Simplicity at its Best! No overwhelming knobs and dials here. Just two main controls – Gain and Peak Reduction. It’s all about getting that perfect sound without the fuss!

Applications in Music Production

🎤 Vocals: Ever wondered how those chart topping vocals sound so lush and full? The LA-2A is often the secret sauce, smoothing out dynamics and adding that irresistible warmth.

🎸 Instruments: Whether it’s a soulful guitar or a groovy bass, the LA-2A brings out the best in every instrument, making them shine in the mix.

🥁 Drums: From snappy snares to booming kicks, this compressor can make your drums sound larger than life!

Comparisons with Other Compressors

🥇 While there are many compressors out there, the LA-2A stands in a league of its own. Its unique tonal characteristics are unparalleled, making it a favorite among the world’s top producers and engineers.

Integration with Universal Audio (UAD) Platform

🚀 The LA-2A plugin on the UAD platform? It’s a match made in heaven! Experience the power of DSP-powered processing and enjoy zero-latency tracking. It’s like having the real hardware, but with the convenience of a plugin, of course!

User Testimonials and Reviews

🌍 From LA to London, Tokyo to Toronto, renowned music producers and engineers can’t stop raving about the LA-2A. It’s been the secret weapon behind many iconic tracks. Don’t just take our word for it; the world is buzzing about this legendary compressor!


Yes, there are a lot of freeware compressors out there that claim to capture the LA2A sound, but this is it. Now you can get your hands on the classic Teletronix LA-2A Tube Compressor. Its legacy, sound, and simplicity make it an indispensable tool in any studio. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s your chance… Again, for a very limited time 🔗 Ready to take your mixes to the next level? Good, now click this link for your Free Download


FAQ: LA-2A Compressor


1. What Is a LA-2A Compressor Plugin?

A software emulation of the legendary Teletronix LA-2A hardware compressor, offering the same iconic tube-driven sound but in software format, making it much more affordable.

2. How Does The LA-2A Plugin Differ From The Hardware Version?

While the plugin emulates the hardware’s sound and characteristics, the hardware offers tactile controls and may impart subtle analog nuances not found in the plugin.

3. Can I use the LA-2A Plugin in any DAW?

Yes! The LA-2A plugin is compatible with most major DAWs, including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, FL Studio, and Logic Pro X, Reason Studios, Reaper, BitWig, etc.

4. Why Is The LA-2A Popular In Hip Hop Production?

Its tube warmth and smooth compression make vocals pop, giving that classic punchy and upfront sound that people love in Hip Hop.

5. How does the LA-2A Compressor Affect Drum Sounds?

The LA-2A can add warmth and glue drum elements together, making them sound cohesive and punchy in a mix. It’s a rather slow compressor, so it’s not ideal for taming transients, but it’s excellent for tone and character.

6. Is There a Learning Curve To Using The LA-2A Plugin?

The LA-2A is known for its simplicity, and understanding its two main controls (Gain and Peak Reduction) is key. With practice, it becomes intuitive.

7. How Does The LA-2A Compare To Modern Compressors?

The LA-2A offers a unique optical compression and tube warmth, setting it apart from many newer modern compressors that might have more features and are cleaner sounding but lack its distinct character.

8. Why Choose The Hardware LA-2A Over The Plugin?

For purists, the hardware offers a tactile experience and subtle analog nuances that some believe can’t be fully replicated by a plugin. Also, why wouldn’t anyone want the real deal if they could?

9. Can The LA-2A Handle Aggressive Compression For Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop Vocals?

Absolutely! The LA-2A can provide both subtle leveling and aggressive compression, making vocals stand out with clarity and presence. Most like to use the LA-2A along with the 1176. 1176 to catch transient and the LA-2A to smooth and round out the sound.

10. Is There a Difference In Sound Quality Between The Plugin and Hardware Version Of The LA-2A?

Both sound great, but different in their own way. Many professionals can hear the difference, but most consumers cannot.


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