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Free Plugin Alert: IK Multimedia Comprexxor

Free For a Limited Time Only

IK Multimedia is offering another great plugin for free, this time it’s Comprexxor. It’ll be free until 9/20/22 make sure you take advantage!

T-RackS Comprexxor

What Is Comprexxor?

Comprexxor is one of IK Multimedia’s newest dynamic processors, that aims to emulate the famous Swiss Army Knife of Compressors, Empirical Labs Distressor. What’s great about Comprexxor is that it can function as both a FET as well as an Opto-styled compressor, making it extremely flexible and a ‘go-to’ for many engineers and music producers.

Comprexxor offers two styles of saturation (2nd and 3rd order) you can use to beef up tracks or add color with. The 2nd/3rd order adds tube and tape-ish styled harmonics. There’s also a filter and sidechain feature you can use to help mold your sound as well.

How To Get IK Multimedia Comprexxor FREE Of Charge!

IK Multimedia is making this super simple. All you have to do is head over to their site, register for an account if you don’t already have one, and fill out a survey on monitors. Once you’re done, click submit and the plugin will be accessible via the Production Manager Application.

IK Multimedia has been offering a lot of deals lately, I wondering what they’re working on.

See It In Action

Distressor vs Comprexxor

The T-RackS emulation offers both stereo and mid/side processing, the original Distressor doesn’t as it’s monophonic. The hardware also lacks common application features such as undo, the ability to save presets, and banks allowing you to quickly A/B settings on the fly.

Both are straightforward and easy to use and most importantly, they sound good. I fell in love with Comprexxor when it was released in May 2021. I spent 1 month using it on various TV cues and it now has a spot in my production template.


Get your hands on it before it’s too late, it only costs a little bit of time, don’t sleep on this. For more information about Comprexxor and its features, head over to IK’s website.

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