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IK Multimedia Releases Mixbox EQPA (API 500 Emulation) FREE UPDATE

MixBox EQPA: Great for bass, guitar, drum, synths even the MIX BUS!

IK Multimedia just gifted us a new API 500 emulation (EQ-PA) in their most recent MixBox update (1.2.0). If you haven’t already, please be sure to read our MixBox Review so you have a well-rounded understanding of what The Mixbox is and what it brings to the table.

What is an API 500?

An API 500 Series EQs are step-based Equalizers (550a, 550b, 560, etc) with selectable frequency centers per band (Hi/Mid/Low). There are also low and high pass filters on the 500 series as well as peak and shelving options and 12bd boost or cut per frequency.


The specific EQ IK Multimedia has emulated looks like the 550a. Aside from its bands, IK added a preamp, bandpass filter, and an option for controlling the phase. This helps avoid phase cancellation which isn’t always pleasant in a mix.

With the addition of the EQPA, this now gives MixBox 72 units in total. I believe this was a highly requested unit in their forums. There were and are many hopefully, the updates keep coming, and soon. Mixbox is already on the heels of applications like Slate Digital’s Mix Rack, if they continue to listen to their community, they could easily surpass it.

Using The MixBox EQPA

So far, I’m using the MixBox EQPA channel strip the exact same way that I use the EQPA in T-RackS.

  1. I always Engage The preamp (always)
  2. I set the input to +2db

That’s my starting point for this EQ. I do filtering with stock EQ and then I use this bad boy for boosting color, the good stuff.

Next MixBox Update

I’m not sure what it will be, but they did release a new compressor called ‘Comprexxor‘ I’m hoping to see that added to the Mixbox in the near future!

MixBox Update Specifics

Some New Stuff in this update v1.2

  • EQ-PA Channel strip EQ with Preamp and BP filter (Bandpass).
  • New Auto-Save feature (another request made on the IK Multimedia Forums)
  • Plugin reliability

For more information // IK Multimedia

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