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Free Filter MS-20: Download it Before the Price Spikes!

Huge thanks to Arturia for giving everyone access to their Filter MS-20. This amazing Filter offers some amazing characteristics of their MS-20 Synth.

Make sure you grab it quickly. The offer ends on January 2nd, 2023. After that, the price goes up to $99.00, So don’t miss out!


The plugin replicates the MS-20 Synth’s Filter and distortion effect thanks to True Analog Emulation technology from Arturia.

We’ve seen Arturia replicate parts of well-known synths many times before.

Personally, I like their JUN-6. It is a Chorus emulation. However, you can’t go wrong with Arturia in general, so I’m excited to see how the MS-20 Filter fits the workflow.

The roaring sound of this synth and its filters has been a staple for everyone from Daft Punk to Jon Hopkins, The Chemical Brothers to Aphex Twin, who’ve used it to process, distort, and totally transform a huge variety of sound sources for decades. – Arturia

The interface resembles a hardware component and uses a similar workflow of a knob for each function. There are only three straightforward sections: output, Filter, and distortion.

It is simple to dial in the desired sound or carry out those iconic traditional filter sweeps thanks to the workflow.

Filter MS-20’s virtual circuitry can be animated or modulated, and the Filter/Distortion sections can be rerouted, so this plugin provides more than just a little crunch.

If you want that renowned crunch, fat bass sounds are ideal, particularly in House and Techno music.

I’m sure you could make good use of Filter MS-20 no matter what kind of music you produce.

I’ve been a huge fan of Arturia since Storm! One of my first DAWs That was a very long time ago. I wish they’d bring a current version of that to the surface, packed with their amazing-sounding V Collection.

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