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FREE Download Waves Kramer HLS Channel Strip (Limited Time Offer)

Don’t miss this FREE Download, Waves Kramer HLS Channel Strip.

Waves Audio is a well-established company in the audio industry, known for providing professional audio processing software and hardware. They have a wide range of products, including plugins for mixing, mastering, and post-production, as well as live sound and broadcast.

For a limited time, they’re giving access to their Kramer HLS Channel Strip away for free.

Free Waves Download

Free Download Waves Audio HLS Channel Strip

What Is The Kramer HLS Channel?

Kramer HLS Channel is a unique plugin that not only recreates the iconic sound of the Helios mixing console but also captures the unique character, tonal quality, and gain of its preamps. 

This level of authenticity is further enhanced by including a highly accurate VU meter that reproduces the original meter’s sensitivity, response, appearance, and feel, making it a compact and powerful tool for music mixing and production.

These features make the channel strip an ideal tool for audio engineers and producers looking to add a touch of vintage character to their mixes.

The Channel Strip is designed to simplify the mixing process by providing a streamlined and intuitive interface. The preamp and EQ sections are prominently displayed on the left, while metering, volume controls, and other parameters are on the right. 

Simple GUI Interface

The channel strip is configured in a way that takes the guesswork out of it. The preamp and EQ sections are located on the left-hand side. While metering, volume controls, and parameter settings are on the right.

The preamp adjusts the audio signal’s strength and creates the desired sound before passing through the EQ.

The EQ section is used for adjusting the balance of different frequencies in the audio signal. For example, you can boost or cut specific frequencies to shape the sound and create a desired tonal balance. 

This is useful for making instruments sound more defined, controlling tonal characters, or helping multiple instruments (sounds) play together without sounding muddy.

Should I Download Kramer HLS Channel?

While it’s not a must-have plugin, it offers a combination of musical equalization and saturation in a compact package and can save you time and inspiration when mixing. 

However, if you’re not interested in emulations of vintage audio gear, then you probably won’t find Kramer HLS Channel particularly interesting. The deal is available for a limited time on Waves Audio and Jason Yadlovski’s YouTube channel.

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