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DOWNLOAD TRAPDRIVE – 8 Flavors Of Distortion!

Perfect for distorting 808s and exciting vocals and guitars!



TrapDrive is a brand new distortion plugin (by Diginoiz) that caters to Trap as well as all Trap Sub-genres. This plugin is for producers who want that edgy sound heard in the productions of Bones, Heart Attack, and Look At Me by the late Xxxtentacion.

Download TrapDrive Now

Make sure you’re putting this distortion on vocals, use it to obliterate guitars, make your synths pop out in the mix a bit, and definitely put this on your 808s and basslines! We can’t have Trap Music without a distorted 808! Check out our post on mixing kicks and 808s for more tips

If you really want to test the waters and live a little, strap one of these onto your Mix Bus! Trap drive comes with 8 different flavors of distortion for you to use, test-drive all of them.

Fair Warning

A lot of producers mix and monitor music through their headphones. I would not advise using earbuds or headphones with this plugin. You only get one set of ears, make sure you take care of them.

Diginoiz strongly advises protecting your ears when using their plugin as well.

If headphones are your only option, turn levels down and slowly increase them. Nothing is worse than toasting those eardrums with hot levels.

Audio Demos Using TrapDrive

TrapDrive is super easy to operate just put it on the channel you wish to sauce up and crank the knob until you get the amount of distortion you need.

Bonus Tips

Create 8 buses and insert one instance of TrapDrive on each bus. Next, assign each distortion unit to its own flavor remember there are eight of them. Now, you can drive your sounds into any or all 8 Distortion flavors in parallel mode.

You don’t need to drive every sound into all 8, but if you choose to, do it lightly across all (distortion flavors). This is called serial processing and can be highly beneficial.

Add a touch of EQ after the distortion unit. Try a little low pass with a slight bump (1-2dB) on the cutoff frequency.

Last tip, especially for beginners mixing music. Make sure you have the mix dialed in and fairly clean where you can hear everything and then add a little distortion to the mix, to give a little bite to the sound.

TrapDrive Compatibility


  • Windows 7 and higher (64-bit only)
  • VST3 only


  • MacOS 10.12 or higher (64-bit only)
  • AU/VST3 (There is no support 4 VST2 at the moment)

DAWS: Logic X Pro, Fl Studio, Studio One, Reason Studios 12, Reaper

You can grab TrapDrive Free here

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