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Free Download: Heatwave Saturation Plugin – Reminds Me Of Cymatics Diablo Lite Plugin

Hard To Go Wrong With Free Plugins...Unless They Suck

Attention! Free download Heatwave Saturation plugin. If you don’t know what this is, continue reading

Let’s face it, lots of songs coming out of these DAWs today sound thin. Really thin.

It’s not the DAW’s fault. It’s just a tool, and like any tool, its effectiveness depends on the user’s skill and knowledge. You know the drill in the hands of a novice, even the best tools can produce less than stellar results.

Over the years, there’s been this trend among music producers to pursue an ultra-clean sound. But this quest for cleanliness sometimes goes overboard, leading to mixes that sound more brittle than brilliant.

It’s like they’re scrubbing away all the character and warmth, leaving the tracks sparkling clean but somewhat lifeless at the same time.

As a music producer, beat maker, or mixing engineer, you must remember that sounds don’t need to be super clean to have a good sounding, clean mix.

But don’t worry, we have something that will give your tracks that extra needed warmth so it sounds fuller.

Download Heatwave Free



Free Download Heatwave plugin


Free Download: Heatwave Saturation Plugin  – The One Knob Wonder


Heatwave is a free One Knob saturation VST plugin made by Slate Digital. The saturation plugin adds grit and warmth to audio tracks while preserving their original transients.

This makes it ideal for enhancing drums, bass, guitars, and full mixes. Heatwave features a simple interface with controls for Drive, input, clipping, and output, making it simple for novices and professionals.

Gotta admit, Heatwave looks similar to Diablo by Cymatics.

Heatwave Plugin Features

One Knob Design: The plugin has a minimal interface dominated by a single control to “add heat” to the sound. This simplicity makes it user-friendly and efficient for quick adjustments.

Drive Control: This is the primary control of Heatwave. It modifies saturation, EQ, and compression. Adjusting the Drive knob showcases the plugin’s capabilities.

Input Control: This adjusts the level going into the Heatwave algorithm, influencing the overall sound and working in tandem with the Drive to customize the effect.

Clip Button: Adds a clipper on the output, altering the sound and controlling transients. The Input and Drive controls influence this level.

Output Control: Adjusts the level coming out of Heatwave, allowing for fine tuning of the final output volume.


Heatwave Walkthrough Video


Slate Digital Heatwave vs Cymatics Diablo Lite:

Both saturation plugins are free downloads. Here’s how they stack up

Feature/AspectHeatwave Plugin (Slate Digital)Diablo Plugin (Cymatics)
Primary FunctionSaturationDrum enhancement with saturation
Drive ControlControls saturation, EQ, compression
Input ControlAdjusts level going into Heatwave algorithmControls incoming signal level
Clip ControlAdds a clipper on the outputHard and soft clipping options
Output ControlAdjusts level coming out of HeatwaveControls outgoing signal level
Mix ControlBlends processed and unprocessed signal
Transient ShapingPreserves and exaggerates original transientsPunch control for transient dynamics
User InterfaceSimple, one knob designUser friendly, designed for detailed control
Target UseIdeal for drums, guitars, bass, synths, and full mixesSpecifically designed for drums, but versatile on any sound including mixes
CustomizationMain control knob with additional input and output adjustmentsMultiple modules for detailed sound shaping
CompatibilityMac and PC, VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, 64-bit64-bit only
PriceFreeFree, but does have a premium version
Ideal ForBeat makers, music producers and mixing engineersMusic producers, beat makers, mixing engineers


In conclusion

Slate Digital’s Heatwave Saturation Plugin is a simple yet powerful tool for music producers. Its one knob design offers an easy way to add warmth and depth to your tracks, enhancing their overall sound with minimal effort.

If you need another saturation plugin similar to Cymatics Diablo, go nuts; it’s FREE!


Download Heatwave Free

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