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FREE Cinematic Trailer SFX Sound Pack (Download it now)

Grab this epic collection of modern cinematic sound effects for FREE!!

This FREE Cinematic Trailer SFX is inspired by Video Game and Film Trailers.

Awesome, so what’s inside the pack? (Free download at the bottom)

Deep sub, huge earth-shaking impacts, epic-sounding risers, eclectic drones, bastardized drum loops, synths, rhythmic percussions, and more. If you’re looking to jump into the trailer music and sound design, this is a great pack to have (good quality & versatile), and given they are in WAV format so you won’t be taxing your CPU!

Another plus is the sound pack will work with any genre of music (especially hybrids): Tension, Hip-hop, Trap, EDM… The list goes on. So if you want to sprinkle in a few trailer elements into your production to spice it up or create a hybrid…now you can.

Even if you don’t make music but want to dabble in as a sound designer, you’ll find a great use for the Cinematic Trailer SFX sound pack. GhostHack has really done a great job with it. The possibilities are endless.

All of the melodic components of the sound pack are labeled by key making them easy to use. Drag and drop into your favorite sampler and transpose with (ease if needed).

One-Shot Samples

109 Impacts
72 Drones
56 Risers
37 Braams
27 SFX
12 Sub Booms
9 Percussions

Loop Samples

11 Full Drum Loops (All separated/tracked out)
21 Synth Loops
15 Perc Loops

Total file Size

411 Files
WAV Format (important).

FREE Cinematic Trailer SFX In Action

General Tips For Using This Cinematic Pack

The sounds are good on their own, you can literally drop them in and level. However, I suggest layering them. This will allow you to generate your own unique sound. You can layer the Cinematic SFX with the content from the sound pack or with your own sounds.

Always use an EQ will layering to avoid frequency clashes.

Bus Processing

Aside from saving your CPU, this will help glue the sounds together in a mix. Typical fx I like to use on SFX (Sounds funny).

Compression, Reverb, Delay, Chorus.

You can download the free Cinematic Trailer SFX here. Have fun and make something amazing!

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