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FG Dynamics | Slate Digital Releases Brand New Compressor

FG-Dynamics completes Slate’s SSL channel strip. They already have the FG-S (EQ) and console emulation, the only unit missing was a compressor, and now we have it. And all within the MIX RACK!


This is a pretty simple plug-in to operate, it only has three sections

Compressor Section: Threshold, Ratio, Release, Attack…Standard compressor stuff, etc.

Gate Section: Gates are good for eliminating unwanted noise and giving sounds more pop. This is especially beneficial when it comes to drums.

Output: Overall output volume control

Mix Knob: Gives you the ability to mix both processing and process signals.

Auto Makeup Gain: More plugins need this, not just compressors

This compressor crushes the phuck out of transients! If you’re looking for something surgical, this is not the compressor for you. This is like the FGX 2.0 IMO. If you haven’t checked out that Slate Plugin I definitely recommend giving it a go. It’s great on the master as well as bus channels.

First Look at Slate Digital’s FG-Dynamics (Video)

FG- Dynamics Pro Tip

Use the FG Dynamics Compressor to tame your transients, much like one would with 1176, although the Dynamics compressor being VCA styled, is more transparent. Next, use the FG-2A Compressor (on the same channel) to add warmth and girth.

Good Read: How LA2A compressors work and why they’re so awesome

FG Dynamics Demonstration

This compressor combination is great on:

  • Drums
  • Vocals
  • FX
  • Orchestral Hits
  • Brass hits

What It’s Missing -C’mon SLATE!!!

This isn’t a deal-breaker of course, but I do wish there was a high and low pass filter on the compressor that would be a great addition but for some reason, Slate Digital left it out.

FG-Dynamics Pricing & Compatibility

FG-Dynamics Price: $149 USD
All-Access Pass: Yes, Included in the Slate All Access Pass
Compatibility: OSX 10.12+ & Windows 8+ in 64-bit VST, AAX, and AU formats.

Visit Slate Digital’s Website for more info

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