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Drum Monkey: Unison Audio’s AI Drummer WTF is This?

Yet another 'Done For You Plugin'

I can’t browse YouTube for five minutes without running into a few ads about Unison Audios Drum Monkey. First, it was their Midi Chord Pack, a bunch of other useless products, and now this.

Unison Audio must be paying good money to their sponsors as the producers doing the reviews aren’t trash producers, but the product… That’s another story.

What is Drum Monkey

Overpriced, overhyped midi randomizer. That’s all it is. Drum Monkey isn’t offering anything most current DAWS don’t already do with their stock tools.

However, if you head over to the Unison Audio website you’ll see some pretty nice Buzz Words like

  • Machine Learning
  • Limited Supply
  • Finish music in record time
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Sounds good 93% of the time
  • World’s first and only drum loop generator

I can’t stop laughing at the last one…Hardly the first. They’ve obviously never heard of Logic X Drummer or Reason Studios BeatMap, just to name two.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they stole the Midi patterns by extracting them from Daws and sample packs, bundled with 3000 stolen one-shot samples, and thrown into an interface.

How Much Does Drum Monkey Cost

Drum Monkey is $300. The last time I checked Logic Pro X was $199 and does a whole lot more than Drum Monkey easily. I don’t know about you but I think Unison Audio is asking too much for their Monkey.
Don’t worry though, they have a payment plan in place.

Refund Policy: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Now, this is Unique. Not many companies offer a money-back guarantee on their software plugins but given Unison Audio’s history can you trust it?

There are many dissatisfied customers who report that Unison Audio’s customer service is non-existent. Some are still fighting to get refunds from their previous product years later.

Unison Audio Customers.gif

Best Features Drum Monkey Has To Offer

This comes right from the company’s mouth. Now pay attention, because this is what you’re paying $300-$400 for.

Mind blown! Is this not possible in every single daw already? Not to mention countless other drum machines?

Drum Monkey Payment Plan

If you can’t afford the $297 outright, don’t worry, they have a payment plan that not only allows you to make smaller payments over time but increases the price of the product.
Three payments of $129, thanks Unison Audio, good looking out we are can you really care about the production community!

Non-Sponsored Production Reaction

I’m so glad this man created this video.

Drum Monkey Alternatives

Yes, there are much better plugins out on the market, here are a few we recommend.

  • XO
  • Drum Computer
  • Atlas
  • EZDrummer
  • PlayBeat


All in all, it’s not the worst plugin on the market, but it is the most overpriced basic plugin I’ve seen. If this plug-in were $30 to $50 I would recommend it, but for $300 there are much better options from companies with a good reputation who care about quality.

Also, I’m not a big fan of the scarcity tactics. It’s a digital product, I’m pretty sure after they reach 3,500 units sold they’ll sell more. I feel like a lot of big influencers today and bending over for a Paycheck. None of my business, do what you need, but this plugin isn’t it.

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