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Download This Free Dynamic EQ: MDynamicEQ -> Mix Better!

Just found an amazing Free Dynamic EQ that you have to Download! MeldaProduction is just coming off a sale, and now giving MDynamicEQ away completely FREE, no strings attached!

Free Dynamic EQ -MDynamicEQ Free Download

Download MDynamicEQ Here


(Remember It’s FREE) Dynamic EQ Frequently Asked Questions :


1. What is A Dynamic EQ?

Dynamic EQ is a type of equalization where the EQ of certain frequencies is triggered dynamically as those frequencies surpass a set amplitude threshold.

Dynamic EQ adjusts its frequency response based on the audio signal’s dynamics. It applies different amounts of gain to frequencies, depending on their input levels.

2. Why Would I Want a Dynamic EQ If I Have a Multi-Band Compressor?

Dynamic EQ offers more precision than a multi-band compressor, allowing you to control specific frequencies in your mix without the effects of compression. This is especially good for narrow frequencies.

3. Can Dynamic EQ Be Used During Mastering?

Yes, dynamic equalization can be used to both attenuate and accentuate frequencies allowing you to balance over the song’s (or album’s) frequency spectrum.

4. What Makes Dynamic EQ Different From A Normal EQ?

Dynamic EQ changes the gain of an EQ band dynamically, governed by the level of the sound’s input signal. A typical or normal EQ, without automation, is fixed.

5. When Should I Use Dynamic EQ Over Multiband Compression?

Use Dynamic EQ when you need precise control over specific frequencies.

6. What Problems Can Dynamic EQ Solve Within A Mix?

Dynamic EQ can tame harsh frequencies, de-ess address frequency masking, and fix the muddiness in low-end. It’s also good for shaping transients and reducing annoying resonances.

Why is a Dynamic EQ important?

Dynamic EQs combine an equalizer’s precision with a compressor’s flexibility. So you’re getting a two in one plugin in, sort of, continue reading along.

Unlike a static EQ, which remains in a fixed position or setting, a dynamic EQ responds to a source’s input level and only applies gain reduction. It does not compress the audio signal.

This makes it a powerful tool for managing problematic frequencies and balancing the tonal elements of a mix. It can be used to control resonances, reduce sibilance, and manage low-end content.

What is MDynamicEQ?

MDynamicEQ, as the name suggests, is a dynamic equalizer (plugin). It offers 5 bands with dynamic filters you can use to carve and sculpt your sound.

Take a look at the next section for the curves and dynamic filters.

Melda’s EQ can perform common tasks such as de-essing, ducking, and expansion. It also includes built-in high-pass and low-pass filtering to streamline your mixing and mastering workflow.

So many different options.

MDynamicEQ: Flexible Bands & EQ Curves

Each of the 5 bands can be modified to fit your needs. I like the Peak analog settings, it just gives a more musical sound to the EQ.

MDynamicEQ Settings

The Dynamic section is also nice, along with being able to adjust the EQ’s Harmonics. I’m not seeing these settings on many Dynamic EQs that are out there and being sold for $50 -$100.

Why MDynamicEQ vs Other Dynamic EQs?

MDynamicEQ stands out from other dynamic EQs because of its flexibility and low CPU usage. It’s packed with a lot of features that make it insanely good when it comes to controlling frequencies and nuances within the mix.


MDynamicEQ Retail Price

MDynamicEQ, at the time of this writing, is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. The plugin originally retails at $75 and, at times, can be caught on sale for half off, give or take, depending on who is selling it.



In conclusion, MDynamicEQ is a powerful EQ, super simple to navigate, and offers a lot of functionality, making it a valuable plugin for sound design, mixing, and music production.

If you want better control over your mixes with a flexible EQ that offers precision and doesn’t change the color of your sound, this is an EQ you need to download right now.


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