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Cymatics Diablo Lite Plugin – Download It For Free!

Maybe they should stick to sound libraries?


Cymatics Diablo-Lite-Plugin

Initial Thoughts Pre- Diablo Release

Cymatics releases a plugin? Diablo Lite? What is this? This plugin is set to release later today (12-31-2020), but here’s what I think about it based on what I’ve seen and what we all know about these types of plugins.

On the surface, Diablo looks ok. The GUI is simple, it’s easy on the eyes. Operating it also look simple, turn a knob or move a slider, doesn’t get any simpler than that right? Let’s dive into some of the features. The first five are included in the lite version, the rest are included with the paid version.

Cymatics Diablo Lite Features

Punch: Probably relating to the dynamics of the sound. Generally, when someone says they need or want more punch they want the sound to cut through a little more. Think of pushing the attack of a transient designer.

Clip: Think of any clipper and what it does. They’ve included both a hard and soft option (good job).

Input/Output: This gives you control over the incoming signal as well as the outgoing signal. This is a pretty standard feature.

Mix: I’m glad they’re allowing access to a ‘mix’ feature. This allows you to mix between the processed and non processed signal. You can go 100%, 50%, 40% whatever sounds good to your ears. Think of it as parallel processing.

Diablo Paid Features

Boost: Overall level and volume of said sound after the punch (assuming).

Body: In mixing terms, this means fullness. However, given there is a separate EQ section at the bottom of the plugin, ‘body’ could mean the remainder of the sound after the transient.

Heat: Saturation maybe, who knows?

Sizzle: High end, but then again, as stated with the ‘body’ there is an EQ section below. So maybe ‘Sizzle’ means something different.

Width: Stereo spread (that was an easy one) with a high pass filter. Looks like they took ‘mono compatibility’ into consideration here. Some companies forget that.

Magnitude: Who knows?

Filter: On a horizontal plane, I’m assuming you have control from 20hz to 20khz (human hearing)

EQ: They give 3 basic options: Low, Mid, and High. I have no idea what frequency ranges. Might be something they want to include in the future, or not.

Again, this is just my surface review as the plug-in isn’t out yet so I haven’t had the opportunity to test it. With that said, it looks like your typical low budget plugin (that’s not an insult).

Cymatics is offering their 2nd plugin Vortex Bass Enhancer Free with Diablo <– Nice little incentive.

Cymatics Diablo Lite Plugin In Action

It would have been nice to hear a before and after, but there will be plenty of time to test that out later today.

Thoughts After Using Diablo Lite

Finally, after hours of waiting Cymatics finally posted a download link. As expected, it’s a transient shaper with a few bells as whistles added to it (for the paid version). Right off the bat, I’m annoyed that it’s over 100MB. It’s not the end of the world, but cmon.

When you place the plugin on a channel it’s default state is set to WET 100% and what you’ll notice is some compression, maybe a little saturation is being added to the sound and a little bit of warmth beefing it up slightly. Some people may like this, others won’t. I like it.

It’s very simple to use, but their claim (on the product page) that you can get a big sound without increasing the dB…This isn’t true, you’re definitely increasing the dB level. Is it doing anything that other transient shapers aren’t, yes and no depending on which transient designer you use.

Most importantly, does it sound good, I think it does and that’s what’s important. if you don’t have a transient designer, this could be a good option for you. Is it worth it if you already have good transient tools? That’s a hard question to answer, very subjective. You’d have to take a few things into consideration.

  1. It’s free
  2. It has a built-in clipper that you can control
  3. What you need from a transient shaping plugin
  4. How does it sound compared to others (to you)

What I’d Like To See Added To The Lite Version

I’d like to be able to control that compression or saturation a bit as well as the curve of the clipper, just for some added flexibility. Maybe add a sustain option? This is the first time I’ve seen a designer without that option.

Overall, I don’t think it’s a bad plugin. It’s simple and does what it’s supposed to. If I didn’t have a few transient shapers, I’d definitely added this to my arsenal.

You can download Cymatics Diablo Lite Plugin here

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