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Pancake 2 Free Download Get It Now! – Thank You Cableguys

Don't be afraid to tickle the stereo field

PanCake 2 is one of the best free vst panning plugins on the market. This plug-in is used for automating the panning information of whatever you have running through it. It can be used to create good atmospheres and depth (I’ll explain below).

Pancake 2 Features

  • Banks: 10 banks you can load presets (has good ones) or custom waveform modulations into.
  • Various LFO Sync Options: Beat 1/128 note modulation up to 32 bars and Hertz 0.02 Hz to 5.24 kHz.
  • Midi Control: Trigger modulations/LFO via your midi controller.
  • Creative modulation tool: Create complex pan modulations with ease.
  • Draw Waveform: Draw modulation curves using control points, to produce transitions in the waveform.
  • LFO speed: LFO speed can be set free-running from 0.02 Hz to 5.24 kHz.
  • Always in Sync: The LFO will stay in sync through tempo changes or when skipping sections of your song.
  • Automation: Everything in PanCake 2 can be automated including the shape of the modulating waveform.
  • Version 2: Visual display of left/right volume for helpful visual control and upgraded visual display


This is a great for a free vst/au plugin. Most free plugins are cut-down versions of a bigger system or flagship product. Pancake 2 is no different, however, the Free Panner gives you good functionality.

While it’s customary to keep your kick, snare, and a good percent of your drums in the middle, sometimes you want to add movement and separation. One way to do that is having your hi-hats and splashy sounds (high end) tickle the stereo spectrum.

Simple alterations like this keep your music sounding interesting, wide, and full.

How To Use Pancake 2

Place Pancake on your channel (of your choosing) and let it run freely in default mode or you can get creative and craft your own modulation curves. You have the ability to set Pancake 2 to sync with your Daw’s BPM or you can set it to run freely, either way, will work (Beat or Hertz Sync options).

Cableguys Pancake 2 (Trap Production)

Here’s a good example of what Pancake 2 can do. Listening closely to the panning and stereo imaging

Bonus Panning Tips

Place Pancake 2 on your non-dominant sounds including synths and even low-end information. Turn your wet knob to 20-30% (dial in to taste) and set a relatively gentle or slow modulation. This will build width and depth in your mix without killing the center information (Mono compatibility) when the track plays on mono systems.

Play with the time values: 1/4, 1/32, 1/64, etc. Automate them to vary within your song/instrumental. I like to speed up certain elements of my track or slow them down for interesting buildups and breakdowns.

Parallel processing

Place Pancake on a bus channel along with your favorite EQ. Make sure it’s in this order

  • EQ
  • Pancake

Now, route any sounds that you would like to pan to that bus channel containing the two plug-ins. Use the EQ to isolate the frequencies you’d like to control and use the panning plug-in to pan those frequencies.

Remember, a little ear candy goes a long way.

Another good panning plugin is MautoPan, it’s also free.

Cableguys Pancake Compatibility

      • Operating System: Windows/OSX Plugin
      • Formats: AU, VST (64/32 bit compatibility)

You can download Pancake 2 Cableguys Free via their website

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