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Black Rooster Audio Plugins: Look At This Is Crazy Bundle Sale

Grab all of these right now, this is a steal guys!

Listen up, if you’re a plugin emulation whore, (like we all aren’t), grab all of these Black Rooster Audio Plugins right now!

They’re currently on sale for $99 for the entire bundle. This is the lowest I’ve ever seen them!

Here’s a short list of my favorites that I know you’ll love just as much, if not more.

Top Black Rooster Audio Plugins 👇🏽

🎯 Be sure to check out all of their free plugins first! Then, go and check these out 👇🏽


The VPRE-73 is inspired by the classic 1073 Preamp, one of the most classic preamps of all time. It offers excellent saturation and high and low shelf options, great for introducing thick low-end, or high-end sparkle.

It works amazingly well on the 808s and drum bus, as well as vocals. Test this out on your drum bus, right-click, and dial in with gain compensation.

Black Rooster Audio Plugins VPRE-73

🎯VLA – 3A: OPTO Compressor

I’m a huge fan of Optical styled compression. It’s amazing for leveling/smoothing out signals (round sounding).

Black Rooster Audio Plugins VLA 3A

The VLA-3A by Black Rooster Audio is one of the most accurate native recreations of its analog brother from the 1970s. For many, it’s a go-to vocal compressor. The VLA 3A also excels at enhancing drum and percussion tracks and adds cohesion to your mixes.

🎯 OmniTec- 67A: Vintage Preamp (Motown Styled)

I like to use it for color and adding body/grit to drums.

Based on the acclaimed Altec 1567A, the OmniTec has the same rich vintage tube saturation as its hardware counterpart. It’s the ideal tool for giving your vocal, bass, and drum sounds subtle distortion, harmonics, and saturation.

🎯 VEQ-P1: Very Smooth Sounding EQ

This Pultec Styled EQ has great musical curves on the boosts (and cuts).

The VEQ-1P Program EQ is inspired by one of the most well-known equalizers in studio history, the Pultec!

Manage your low and high-end spectrum without affecting the midrange.
Users will have various options for handling shelving frequencies in a highly musical way that most other equalizers cannot achieve, thanks to the interactive filter network that features.

boost and cut simultaneously ‘Pultec-Trick’ on the kick with the VEQ-1P and listen to the tightness!


Get it now!

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