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Arturia Announces V Collection X: Do You Need To Upgrade?

The music production landscape is constantly evolving, and the latest buzz is all about Arturia’s V Collection X. This collection is not just an update; it’s a revolution in digital music creation. Arturia, known for blending vintage charm with futuristic innovation, has taken a significant leap forward with V Collection X.

This article explores the new features and updates V Collection X offers that can help enhance the quality of music created by beat makers and music producers alike.

Arturia V Collection Instagram Announcement

Background on Arturia V Collection

Arturia is a huge player and innovator in the music production world, known for their high quality emulations of classic synthesizers.

The company has been at the forefront offering musicians a palette of vintage sounds combined with modern technology. With each iteration, Arturia has expanded making V Collection X is the latest milestone, showcasing the company’s continued commitment to innovation and quality.

What’s New in V Collection X

V Collection X is a treasure trove of musical possibilities, featuring new additions and significant updates to existing plugins.

ACID V: This plugin is a tribute to the legendary Roland TB-303, complete with a multi-algorithm distortion, built-in modulation, and a comprehensive multi-FX processor. It’s designed to push the TB-303 sound beyond its physical limits, offering a blend of classic and avant-garde tones.

MiniFreak V: Initially exclusive to Arturia’s hardware, MiniFreak V is now a standalone plugin. It’s a digital incarnation of the MicroFreak synthesizer, known for its polyphonic hybrid macro oscillator capabilities. The plugin version adds new dimensions with its wavetable algorithm and super unison FX.

CP-70 V: Arturia’s emulation of the Yamaha CP-70 electric piano stands out with its mix of sampling and circuit modeling. It captures the essence of the original while offering modern flexibility and control.

Augmented Series: This series is a bold step, blending multi-sampled acoustic sounds with synthetic elements. The result is a set of instruments that are both familiar and otherworldly, perfect for creating cinematic and ambient textures.

The updates to Mini V and Wurli V are equally impressive, with enhanced sound engines and functionalities that breathe new life into these classic instruments.

User Experience and Interface

Arturia has always prioritized user experience, and V Collection X is no exception. The interfaces are sleek, intuitive, and adaptable, catering to both beginners and seasoned professionals. The integration with hardware controllers is seamless, making the V Collection X a versatile tool in any studio setup.

Practical Applications in Music Production

V Collection X’s versatility shines across various genres, from electronic to orchestral. Its expansive sound library and creative potential make it an invaluable asset for producers and composers. Whether you’re crafting intricate electronic beats or lush cinematic scores, V Collection X offers the tools to bring your vision to life.

V Collection Pricing and System Requirements

Arturia’s V Collection X is now on the market for 599€. For those already part of the Arturia family, various upgrade and crossgrade options are available.

Are you wondering about the cost effectiveness of upgrading from V Collection 9, purchased at 279€ during Black Friday? Worry not! By adding just 199€ for the upgrade, your total expenditure amounts to 479€, which is still less than the standard price of 499€ or the release price of 599€.

The V Collection X is versatile in its compatibility, functioning seamlessly as VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugins. It’s also available as a standalone application, supporting macOS (including native Apple Silicon and Intel) and Windows platforms.


Arturia V Collection X is a comprehensive arsenal for modern music production. With its blend of vintage and modern sounds, intuitive interfaces, and versatile applications, it stands as a testament to Arturia’s legacy and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting, V Collection X is worth exploring.

More info // https://www.arturia.com/



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