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Arturia V Collection 9: 32 Instruments and 14,000 Amazing Presets!

More Presets, Classic Synths and Augmented Instruments

Arturia just released their V Collection 9! Just when you thought the V Collection Suite couldn’t get any better They drop this bomb of awesomeness on us.

Arturia V Collection IG Announcement

The V Collection 9 Update includes a few new synthesizers: SQ80, Korg MS-20, Augmented Strings, and Augmented Voices. Arturia also took time to revisit and rebuild the Piano V, CS80 V,  Prophet-5 V, and The Prophet-VS.

The rebuild makes the instruments smoother, better-sounding, and more intuitive. With this update, V Collection now offers 32 Instruments and over 13,000 presets!

New Arturia V Collection 9 Instruments

Korg MS-20 V

Arturia V Collection MS20V
Great emulation of Korg MS20, but with a twist. The original was monophonic, Arturia’s version is polyphonic. Korg has its own software version, of course. I’m interested in hearing how they stack up against one another.

SQ80 V

Arturia SQ80 V

A tasty emulation of the Ensoniq SQ80 combining Analog filters and tons of digital waveforms.

Augmented STRINGS

Arturia V Collection Augmented Strings

An amazing-sounding innovative hybrid fusing synthesis and sample-based instruments. The music production community was shocked by the intro version of augmented STRINGS. Now we have the full version!

Augmented VOICES

Arturia V Collection MS20V

Similar to Augmented STRINGS but dedicated to VOICES and it sounds great.

If there’s one company that’s made its mark when it comes to creating and emulating vintage synths, instruments, and samplers, it’s Arturia. The Augmented series, while still new looks very promising. I really hope Arturia continues to explore this series. Maybe we’ll see an entire Augmented Orchestral Library in the future.

Arturia V Collection 9 Rebuilt Instruments

Prophet-5 V & Prophet-VS V:

Arturia V Prophet VS

Two synths that were originally separated, then combined, and are now individual instruments (again) and rebuilt from scratch: sound engine, modeling, etc.

New CS-80 V:

Arturia V Collection MS20VBetter DSP modeling, panel, modulation, and voice dispersion. I’m still in love with the current CS80.

New Piano V:

Arturia V Collection MS20V

This is my go-to piano and has been since it was introduced. The update is insane as it now includes 12 piano models, new and more accurate spacial environments, sound engine upgrade, offering better-sounding pianos and better more intuitive controls for sound design.

Arturia V Collection Final Thoughts

This is Arturia doing what they do best, providing great sounds for both music production and sound design purposes. I’m a little concerned about the new sound engine. Having a better sound is always good, but recalling old projects, that’s going to be something to test. Unless you can install multiple versions of a plugin, that would make it a non-issue. I guess it’s time to do some research.

For more information on V Collection visit Arturia’s Website

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