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Arturia Drops Rev LX-24 (Lexicon Emulation) This Is A Classic Reverb!

You Need This Reverb!

If I had to choose one reverb emulation, I’d easily go with the Arturia Rev LX-24. This plugin emulates one of my favorite reverbs, the Lexicon.

I’m glad I saw this pop up, as I was just about to purchase this reverb from another developer.

Arturia_Rev_LX-24_Lexicon Emulation

What Is The Lexicon

The Lexicon is known as ‘the godfather of digital reverb’. It is a digital reverb unit that was first introduced in the early 1980s. It is widely considered to be one of the most iconic reverbs in music history and has been used on countless recordings across a wide range of genres.

A Few Notable Artists

  • Michael Jackson
  • Madonna
  • U2
  • and many others

Arturia Rev LX-24: The Great Emulation

The Rev LX-24 is a vintage digital sound that emulates a retro ambiance box and delivers real feeling space, depth like atmospheres, and subtle sparkling textures to enhance your mixes.

This plugin is an enhanced virtual replica of the famous Lexicon reverb and continues to deliver a timeless sound.

Arturia Rev LX-24: Some Cool Advanced Features

  • 8 Algorithms: Room A, Vocal Plate, Perc Plate, Constant Plate, Small Hall (A &B), Chamber, Large Hall B
  • Vintage/modern Modes: Original filtered 12-bit , modern unfiltered 24-bit, or vintage hybrid (24-bit with filter)
  • Crossover frequency:  Adjust the frequency at which the audio signal splits the high and low frequencies
  • Drive and high-pass filter with both 24/12 dB slopes available
  • Ducker: With compression styled controls (Ration, Threshold, and Release)
  • Input: Drive and Filter Control (HPF with 24/12 dB slopes)
  • Diffusion: Controls how the early reflections of a sound are spread out and scattered within the space
  • Master: This is where you control, stereo width, sparkle/brightness, and reverb level

You can check out all the features via this link https://www.arturia.com/products/software-effects/rev-lx-24/overview

Dual View: Classic and Advanced

Classic View: This view is perfect for those who prefer a more traditional approach to reverb control. The classic control panel design is inspired by the original hardware, featuring sliders, buttons, and an LCD-style display that provides an unmistakable vintage feel.

With this view, you can achieve lush, rich reverb sounds with ease, tweaking the settings to your heart’s content.

Advanced View: The Advanced View offers a wealth of additional controls and features for those who want to take their reverb sound design to the next level. Experiment with a variety of parameters and options to fine-tune your reverb sound and create unique textures and atmospheres.

Rev LX-24: Overview Check This Out

Conclusion: Should You Grab The Arturia Rev LX-24?

Absolutely, especially if you don’t already have a good lush sounding reverb. Even if you do, this would be a good one to add to your arsenal. The Arturia Rev LX-24 is easy to use and can help both beginners and professionals get the most out of their mix. I know this reverb will help you add a tasty sonic touch to your sound.

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