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Arturia Releases V Collection 8 Including 4 New Instruments

Jun-6, Emulator II, Vocoder, OB-Xa and there's also updates for Analog Lab 5

V Collection 8

Arturia releases V Collection 8 expanding, yet again on their award-winning flagship bundle. Every release brings something new to the table, never a dull update, and their emulations are always up to par. That’s what we love about Arturia.

With this release, there are updates such as Analog Lab 5 (expected), Jup-8, Stage-73 V2, but there are also some new units.

What’s New In V Collection 8?



Arturia Juno 6 V

Known for its rich creamy sounds, Roland struck gold with the Juno 6 and later the Juno 60 (expanding its ram). This was, at the time the cheapest synth available and change the sound of pop music. It was also very easy to program. The hardware unit didn’t have MIDI, but we don’t have that problem here.

Emulator II

emulator-II V

We didn’t see this coming. For those of you who don’t know, the Emulator II is one of those machines that has definitely left its mark on the music world. Early adopters of the Emulator include; Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder. This unit’s sound can be heard in many soundtracks and is featured in the iconic movie ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ where it was used to trigger cough and sneeze sounds.

Vocoder V

Arturia Vocoder V

This is a fantastic edition, the sound is amazing. To my understanding, the Vocoder V is a Moog emulation. Whatever it is, it sounds great. The ability to use a mic with it or load in samples is a plus and as with all Arturia instruments (and fx) you can deep dive and tweak to your hearts desire



The legendary synth with a massive punch. It has that classic Oberheim sound, yet rivals the Prophet 5 at the same time. Everyone from Prince to Chaka Khan was using the OB in their music. This was the same synthesizer used in Van Halen’s Jump (huge hit). Even modern producers like Flume utilize this synth in their production.

Find out more about V Collection 8 here

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