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Arturia Gets Ripped Off By Behringer (Keystep vs Swing)

There's No Shame In Their Game

Yep, the title is correct, Arturia Gets Ripped Off By Behringer. At least, this is how many fans/users (of both brands) and top synth and production magazines see it. See the products below.

Keystep vs Swing

Arturia’s Response To The Blatant RipOff

The followers were ruthless, can’t say I blame them.

In other words…Wtf are you guys doing?

Behringer’s Response To Being Called Out

Translation… I mean… everyone does this guys…cmon.

Our Take

Companies have been copying each other forever, but if you’re not going to do anything to enhance the product… Then what’s the point??

They could have added a couple more features maybe a slightly different design and I’m sure people wouldn’t have reacted as they have. Not to mention, there’s only an $8 to $9 difference between the two.

This is a failed opportunity for Behringer.

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