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Don’t Miss Out on Arturia’s Augmented Strings Intro It’s Free!

Hey there, fellow music producers! Have you ever stumbled upon a deal so good that you thought it was a typo? Well, brace yourselves because Arturia is offering their Augmented Strings Intro for FREE!

Yes, you read that right.

Free, as in, “Why haven’t you downloaded it yet?” Let’s dive into why this isn’t just a good deal, it’s a “cancel all plans and download now” kind of deal.

Ok…Not really, but you get where we’re coming from.

Click For Free Download

Augmented Strings Specifications: The Nitty Gritty

Arturia Augmented Strings


Platform Compatibility: Mac and PC
Bit Depth: 64 bit
Formats: VST, AU, AAX, and more
System Requirements: Just a decent computer (Mac or PC) and some creativity!

Features: The Bells and Whistles

Hybrid Instrument: Combines real string samples with synthetic magic.
Super Easy: So easy, even your grandma could be the next Hans Zimmer.
Sound Morphing: Like being a sonic wizard, but without the wand.
50 Presets: Each one a new adventure in sound.

Augmented Strings Sounds

Augmented Strings Intro covers it all from the intimate whisper of a solo violin to the full-bodied embrace of a string ensemble. It’s like having an orchestra at your fingertips, minus the need to feed them pizza.

Number of Presets In Augmented Strings Intro

With 50 presets, you’re spoilt for choice. Each preset is a doorway to a new sound universe, waiting for you to explore. It’s like having 50 different flavors of ice cream, and you can try them all!

Music Genres Augmented Strings Would Be Good For

Cinematic Scores: Feel like Spielberg is looking over your shoulder.
Pop Productions: Add some string sizzle to your pop steak.
Ambient Tracks: For those times you want to send your listeners to another dimension.

The Deal You’d Be Silly to Skip

It’s not often you come across a giveaway this awesome, so don’t be the one kicking yourself for missing out. Download Augmented Strings Intro today, and start making music that even your neighbors will thank you for.

Click For Free Download

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “There must be a catch.” But the only catch here is that you might feel a bit foolish if you pass up on this. Imagine telling your producer buddies, “Nah, I didn’t bother downloading that free, high quality string library.”

Don’t be that dumb music producer, grab this library free while you can.

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